0920 What Network Prefix Smart or TNT (Philippines Guide)

It is not a secret that hundreds of mobile network codes exist in the Philippines that we cannot easily memorize. Therefore, this guide about 0920 what network prefix will reveal if it is smart or TNT. Plus, we’ve added a list that contains more prefixes & their details to help you get all the information in one place.

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0920 what network philippines smart or tnt prefix guide

0920 What Network Smart or TNT

 Any or what network that starts with 0920 or 63920 (in other formats) is a sim prefix of Smart Communications.  However, TNT (Talk ‘N Text) is also a cellular service provided by Smart that offers low-cost packages to its users for internet data, SMS, and calls. Therefore, both 0920 and TNT belong to the same company known as Smart.

List of Network Prefixes in the Philippines

Bonus FAQ

What network is 0920?

0920 is a Smart Telecommunications mobile number.

Is Touch Mobile Globe or Smart?

According to Wikipedia, TM (Touch Mobile) is a subsidiary of Globe Telecom, which is the largest mobile network service provider in the country. Touch mobile was formerly known as Islacom & it was founded on September 12, 2001. Its headquarters is in the BGC, Manila, Philippines.

How can you tell what phone service someone has?

There are multiple ways to identify the network service provider. First of all, you can look at the sim cover that may have the logo of the company printed on it. Secondly, use a call identifier application like truecaller and try dialing through it. It will automatically show you the service name on top. Last but not least, there's a functionality known as 'Sim Toolkit' which is installed in every device that we can use to discover more info about the sim card provider.

How can I check mobile number network in the Philippines?

You can check the mobile number network using our website to identify the sim card prefixes and record it. Moreover, there're separate USSD codes provided by every company for helping users to identify them.

Final Words

If you are still wondering, then the answer for 0920 what network is that is a prefix of Smart Communications. On the contrary, if you get stuck in finding the network details in the future, you can bookmark our site or follow us in social media to remain updated. Now it’s your turn. Tell us below if this guide has helped you. [C Ya] 🙂

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