0950 What Network Provider Prefix Philippines 2020 [Full Details]

This guide contains full details about 0950 what network Philippines to determine the mobile sim provider prefix. If you want to discover whether 0950 is a globe or smart or any other, then you’ve entered to the perfect place.

0950 what network philippines

With the increasing trend of digitization, the amount of sim card providers have drastically increased in the Philippines in the last 10 years. As the numbers rise, it becomes more difficult to memorize all the prefixes that these companies have. Therefore, we’re writing this article to help you clear all the doubts about what network is 0950.

0950 what network

The top two cellular networks in the Philippines are Globe and Smart Communications, and they have many subsidiaries. Similarly, there are hundreds of sim prefixes in the country like 0923, 0926, 0955, and many more. These are difficult to remember unless you have a strong memory power.

The ‘0950’ prefix is made by the TNT network, also known as Talk ‘N Text, that will help you apply any promo code or offer from the provider. It is the first four of the 11 digits mobile number to make communication and call in the Philippines. For example, a number in the format 0950xxxxxxx is a TNT sim card.

Now, to make international calls through TNT, the preferred number format is +63 at the beginning followed by the 10 digit number. This will charge you relatively less than calling directly using the country code.

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Is 0950 a globe number?

No, 0950 is not a globe number.

What cellular network is 0950?

0950 is a TNT (Talk 'N Text) cellular network prefix.

Is talk and text Globe or Smart?

Talk and Text aka TNT is a service provided by Smart Communications, a subsidiary company of PLDT Inc.

How do I know my sim network?

In most of the android devices built in the latest version, you can check the sim network by navigating to Settings > Sim Cards & Mobile Networks. There you can discover the name of sim card, if not previously edited manually by a human. Similarly, check the network providers' manual and dial their respective USSD codes to determine the sim network.

Final Words

If you are looking for extremely low-cost packages and unlimited offers for call, text, and mobile data, then the TNT network could be the right choice for you. Also, these prefixes might update or change anytime next year. Therefore, you can bookmark us to get informed about the changes made in sim card prefixes in the future. Anyways, how did this guide about 0950 what network helped you? Tell in the comments below. [c ya] 🙂

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