0955 What Network Philippines 2020 [Complete Information]

If you want to discover whether 0955 what network Philippines is globe or smart, you’re at the right place. It’s no secret that Philippines mobile networks have a long list of prefixes that are really confusing & update every year. Due to the increase in sim card provider companies, it’s hard to remember all the codes. Therefore, we are writing this article to save you money by clearing all doubts so that you dial the right number.

0955 what network phillippines

But, due to the change in numbers yearly, we’re striving to provide accurate data. This information might be updated next year in 2021. You may have heard about codes like 0950, 0951, and 0954. Similar to these sim prefixes, 0955 is one of those variations.

0955 What Network

Before applying any text promo offers and tri-net call system offered by multiple sim cards in the Philippines, we must know their prefix correctly. These networks are utilizing the subsidiaries of one another to text and call in the various promo bundles.

The ‘0955’ prefix is made for ‘Touch Mobile’ (TM) sim cards used for making unlimited communication with Globe landline services. To make this work, Smart users must be subscribed to UNLI promo offers with maintaining P1.00 balance.

Now, to make a call within the country Philippines through 0955 mobile network, simply put 0955 before the eleven digits phone number. For international calls, just type +63 followed by the cell-address.

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Is 0955 a globe or TM number?

TM stands for 'Touch Mobile.' Globe and TM both are the same mobile network. Therefore, 0955 is both TM & Globe number prefix.

What network is 0921?

0921 is a Smart mobile number prefix.

Is 0951 smart or globe?

The 0951 prefix belongs to the Smart Communications network.

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Final Verdict

We have explained queries and everything about 0955 what network Philippines in detail above. Now you can safely dial using a correct prefix without being confused by the other network codes. It will prevent you from calling the wrong number and save your interconnection call rates mobile balance. Kindly, tell us about the improvements necessary or updated information in the comment box below.

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