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At Advanced Blog, my main goal is to provide clean and easy to understand tutorials related to programming, civil engineering, graphic design and entrepreneurship.

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Why Advanced Blog?

mayaprakash pant

My name is Mayaprakash Pant “Max Dai”, and I’m the founder of AdvancedBlog.


My blogging story begins back in 2014, when I read some famous world class poems by Robert Frost online, the great poet who made ever green verses of “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening”. I also used to write poems those days. Thus I started blogging to publish my rhymes online and later it turned into a passion.


I was a computer geek from childhood and I knew how to operate a computer very well. I’m a self-taught programmer and I know programming languages mentioned in this site very well. But blogging was completely new thing for myself.


At first, I decided to use Blogspot as my platform for three years. In 2017, I switched toWordPress.


With all these years of experience, blogging for new comers is always challenging and time consuming, unless guided properly. It is tough to find the right place to start and end as a  pro.


That’s why I launched Advanced Blog as a resource targeted to help professional and absolute beginners learn blogging techniques in vast.


Advanced Blog is completely free. Everyday I try to make it free as much as I can. You will no longer have pay to learn anymore. Plus I have also done my best to make resources as much as useful and helpful to the readers. I have avoided tough words, used clean paragraphs and easy language for your comfort. Despite my efforts to make it clearn, some flaws may be found. I deeply apologize for it you. Kindly, don’t hesitate to inform me about such mistakes so that the information you need becomes even better. You can use methods like contacting me through Contact Page or blog commenting or finding me on social medias to inform about any problems on the site.



Useful Links To Get Started With Advanced Blog

If you’re just getting started, please check the following pages where you will find brief information about a particular subject.

  • Graphic Design : Tutorials about working with various graphic designing software like Photoshop.
  • Programming : The best place to get familiar with coding in Java, PHP, HTML, XML, CSS and Python. We will cover more topics in future.
  • Civil Engineering: Learn working with AutoCAD and other civil egineering works.


Below is what you will discover in different parts of our website:

In Programming section, you will find articles that will help you learn to write codes in PHP, Python, Java, XML, HTML and CSS. Plus, we are trying to add more valuable resources everyday.

In Civil Engineering section, articles related to computer aided drafting (AutoCAD), solution to different engineering questions and norms can be found.

As the name suggests itself, in Graphic Design section discover articles related to it.

And in Entrepreneurship section, you will find articles related to starting a business, finding valuable resources and growing your business through social media strategies and tons of unique and different methods that work.

If you have any additional questions or need any kind of personal help regarding blogging, don’t forget to contact me through my Facebook Page.


Alternatively, you can tweet me @MayaprakashPant.


Thank you so much for taking time to read this. Hope you will enjoy learning with us. See you on blog.