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Welcome To AdvancedBlog.com about page. I have created this website with an aim to provide free education on multiple topics. First of all, let me introduce the author (myself) Mayaprakash Panth. I am also referred to as Max Dai u0026amp; by no means, this is not all about me. This blog is made for loyal readers who regularly visit here.

Information that you will get from Advanced Blog

This is more than just a magazine, it is an information resource. Our website is a weblog, which means we only focus on text-based readable content. We will expand our resources for video and similar contents in the future. For now, you will find information related to the following topics in Advanced Blog:

  • Android: First of all, I don’t have an iPhone because I’m not rich. So, I show things that normal people can afford and do with android. I’m an android user and feel free to ask me anything about it (especially requesting a tutorial will be appreciated).
  • Games: This is for kids and exhausted people who return home after work. The information about gaming can help them find a nice video-game to relax their mind. We cover both mobile and computer games.
  • Blogging: I am a blogging veteran and I can help you learn all those necessary blogging skills.
  • SEO: I will show you how to search engine optimization without using any black hat techniques or spending money (such as buying pbn or backlinks).
  • Windows 10: If you are facing any problems in Windows 10, you can find guides about solving that problem here.

New Features

User-Friendly and fewer ads

The sole purpose of our website is to deliver quality content. We have used advertisements but they do not disturb the user experience. You can see there are only 3 ads on our website, one at the bottom sidebar on the right-hand side, and the other two in the body. We have not placed any ads on important pages.

Navigation Features

We have added search boxes that you can use to find any content of your choice. They are available at the top and bottom of our website. In some pages, there may be plenty of sub-topics. For that, a table of contents is added so that you can click on a sub-topic and directly jump into its main part. You can also skip unnecessary paragraphs without scrolling using the table of contents.

Body Language u0026amp; Gestures Speak More Clear Than The Words

The world is full of manipulative people who lie to you all the time. Although they are lying to us using the words, we can still read their gestures and body language to detect if they are really themselves. We can avoid a lot of disaster by understanding the art of posters, and facial expressions. It makes you look confident and feel strong during any social or business exchange. If you follow this blog regularly, you will understand what behavior is appropriate or not for a particular situation. In fact, you can find when your future partner is sending out romantic non-verbal signals. I have created this blog to help you understand true feelings behind a person’s words by teaching you the art of gestures and body language. We will go through each and every section of reading a person from head to eyeballs and hands to legs. If you read this website regularly, your inner self will charge into positive lights and helps you succeed in business and love life. And most importantly, there is no risk involved and we won’t ask you to do any nasty techniques that might result in embarrassment. It is safe to learn the art of body language and gestures. gesture 1 thumbs up gesture gesture 2

How To Improve Your Brain

In this blog, I will also teach you how to become more intellectual by increasing your memory. You will learn how to create the right mindset towards success by increasing mental activity. We will cover a lot of different ways to control serotonin level and sharpen your mind. Most people feel fear of memorizing data or information. I will help you eliminate that fear by learning how to memorize more quickly and effectively. Sleeping and rest play a vital role in one’s performance. Being a boxer, I know the importance of relaxation. If my body is tired, my brain gets stressed out and I will get knocked out in the ring. This proven theory of taking sleep and charging your mind through rest applies in every field. So I will talk about the proper sleep cycle and habits that will improve your brain’s functionality. And most importantly, don’t miss the foods that improve your mental activity. We will talk about all those products here that contain necessary nutrients to improve our brain. I will also reveal foods that remove anxiety, fatigue and helps to increase stamina with a regular exercise routine.

Self Development

Throughout this blog, I also share articles about self-development. I teach you how to change your mind, control the decisions you make to remove bad habits and become successful by making a goal in your life. You will find out how to stick with good principles, positive energy, and useful works. I will show you how to maintain a happy life and avoid mistakes that almost every people commit. Note: Now, I have already told you what we will be doing on this website here. Developing these habits is not achieved immediately and takes time  You need to try them yourselves to become perfect at any skill that I share here. It might give an overload at some point but it is worth it. You are free to take a break by bookmarking this page and come back later.

About The Author – Mayaprakash Panth

Hello, My name is Mayaprakash Panth (also referred to as ‘Max Dai’) and I am the writer for this website. Perhaps, if you are just hearing about me or expose to this website, I want to say thank you very much for taking the time to read all of this. I’ve been writing so many blog posts and articles online since 2014 on many different websites. I live in Mahendranagar – a small city in Nepal. This blog is just among one of many the pioneer websites that I own. I love to inspire people through actions and experiments. Talking about my occupation, I am a professional blogger and civil sub-engineer. I handle two different jobs, one as an employee and the other as an owner. I make building plans and maps, do a land survey as a side job. I am also a former one-time national boxing champion in 81 kilograms light heavyweight division. I am retired from boxing at the age of 21  in March 2019 to pursue some other career. I have won two medals, one gold and one silver in national level boxing tournaments.

The man behind Advanced Blog

Max Dai - About AdvancedBlog.com Founder Mayaprakash Panth is the heart and soul of Advanced Blog who operates it day and night behind the scenes. He is an unemployed engineering graduate who left his job to make full time earning through blogging. He is now 5 years veteran in the industry who started blogging for the first time in 2014. By the way, I have enabled the comments section below to know what you are thinking about this right now. Fill up the form and tell me if you’re satisfied or not. I mainly provide on-page SEO audit services to my clients. I am using this blog just to spread knowledge and not to promote myself. I want to give you a quick history of myself:

  • I started blogging in 2014
  • I have learned various art of e-mail marketing in the past.
  • SEO Audit is my specialty.
  • I share more free knowledge through my channel as a YouTuber. You can subscribe to it now.

I want to help people on very small topics so that they don’t have to pay to develop skills. Employment is a major problem and I just want to solve this problem. I am a 21 years old unemployed civil engineering graduate youth from Nepal. Hopefully, blogging has saved my life and I pay my bills via blogging. If you are a doctor or engineer or doing any other job – that is good because this world needs real heroes than the ones like me. But what about those who are screwed by grading system and cannot find a job? What about those whose family cannot afford money for higher education? Is it the end for them? Is it all about leaving your home to earn money? The answer is no. I am here to help poor people like me. I want to make them able to earn money online so that they can at least get a small amount of pocket money from blogging before getting a real job. Now, I should warn you. I am not asking you to actually quit your studies or job and start doing blogging. I am just telling you that, if you are unemployed, try your hands at blogging and you will be happy at some point after getting the results. While I am writing this About page, this is not about me people. It is about you and what you want to learn. I want to make this website a platform for education where people can find any educational material, no matter how easy or vast it is. But as a one-man running blog, it will take some time. So I need your help and support to make this site great for students. Right now, at this moment, my first goal is to complete making Windows 10 solution pages. At least it helps people and it is education. I am open to other sectors like engineering, science, discoveries, commerce, law, politics, health, relationship, and dating, etc. If you want to help me reach that goal, you can contribute to our site. Also, if you don’t like any features or pages, you may write that to me without any hesitation and I will take that into consideration. Below are links to social media profiles:

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