So you want to start a blog. Why do you want to start a blog?

Maybe you heard about online earning and AdSense, right. Or you want to promote your business or you just want to create an online home, just like I did.

Let me tell you that I will not be talking about Google AdSense here because I never got approved for AdSense. One of the key reason was that I was in the wrong industry for AdSense approval. They reject sites that contains online earning or SEO stuff. 96% Google AdSense applications are rejected these days all because that they aren’t unique.

So my advice for you would be that if you are hoping to achieve income online via AdSense by creating a similar blog, then you are going in the wrong direction.

Find yourself a brand new industry and start writing about something that was never discovered by Google before. Then only you will find success.

Then why am I wasting my time on this stupid niche when there are already million sites on the same topic?

The answer is simple, I love it. I used to write about codes and programming, which I will continue in future. Yeah, I have tried it in the past but I am a civil engineer and I am already earning through it. I just do it for passion. I want to share what I’ve already learnt. I use Propeller Ads to pay my internet bills. You would be surprised to learn that I started blogging in 2014 and since then, I have experimented a lot of things.

I hunted down from free blogs to premium sites. I tried SEO and programming. I made tons of contributions to Wikipedia on my native language, in Nepali.

Trust me I have read blogs of Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Chris Lee, Tai Lopez and John Canfield more than anyone. Brian Dean really works. I have ranked a YouTube video on my channel using Brian Dean’s techniques and it has received 6 lakh views yet.

My channel doesn’t have anything new content and the video was not too good. It still has 2,000+ subscribers. Thanks to SEO and Brian Dean. My advice for you is that you should read their blogs too. They are really helpful.

You can access my YouTube channel through this link and see the proof yourself.

I learnt that free stuffs s**k. For the first time, I started with free website builder known as Wix.Then Weebly. Then Blogspot and now WordPress. I am still learning now.

Free stuffs don’t give you freedom. You have a site but you don’t have a brand. For example, doesn’t represents any brand or identity. Similarly, free templates don’t offer you to remove footer credits. That s**ks even more when the site is yours and credit goes to someone else. So my advice for you is that, at least invest in domain, hosting and design so you can fully own the site.

OK why am I writing this post?

To tell you about my goals in 2018. In 2018, I am planning to create a forum where readers can talk with each other. Similarly, I am hoping to achieve my first 100 email subscribers fair and square. Also, I will be investing in design of the blog and start a new web hosting reseller company, for the Nepalese at cheapest price in history.

Thank you for visiting.

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