Become UFC Fighter in 2018 & Beyond (Works)

Become UFC Fighter in 2018 & Beyond (Works)

Are you dreaming to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship? Then I will show the right steps to become a UFC fighter. I am one of those whose dream is to make debute on UFC. But the biggest question that I ask myself is, should I become a pro MMA fighter?

There are lots of ups and downs in journey to become the greatest fighter. UFC is not the only promotion alive today. To be in the UFC, you’ve to be the best somewhere else first.

Being amateur boxer at the age of 20, I train hard eveyday to become the next Mike “Iron” Tyson. Everyone knows that there is only one Iron Mike Tyson alive today. So that is not possible for me or anyone in the world.

Mixed Martial Arts is even tougher than boxing. In few seconds, your dreams and career could be over. Therefore ask yourself first: do you really want to be a fighter?

Names like Tyron Woodley, TJ Dillashaw, GSP, Chuck Lidell, Daniel Cormier, Khabib, etc. inspiring millions everyday. But people don’t know the reality of training behind the scenes.

You have to stay away from home for a long time without making any phone contacts during fight camps. It is very hard to maintain energy, sugar level and blood pressure. You cannot sleep late upto 10 am in the morning. You cannot say I’m tired or I Quit.

You have to have family support, money and high level trainers. You’ll start getting noticed if you knock out someone in under a minute. You have to Maintain a fighting record outside UFC. Not everyone is lucky as Mike Johnson, Brock Lesnar or CM Punk to get recruited easily.

Win belts in your home ground. Try to be undefeated and try to show supernatural athletic abilities. They only hire experienced fighters.

Then finally contact UFC. There’s is an online plaform for uploading your resume and fighting career. Post tons of videos there showing how you knock out people to catch attention. Gain some followers and make people talk about you. Ask a fighter to promote you in their channel. Get yourself involved in The Ultimate Fighter tryouts.

Build your legacy outside UFC in various promotions, they will come searching for you instead of you searching for them.

Hope you find this helpful.

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