Beginner’s Guide To Make Your First Dollar Online

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A Beginner’s Guide to Online Earning

online earning

Despite that your hear this line more than often “Make money online” have you ever met anyone who has made a single dollar online?

 Simply “No”. That’s the cases in most countries Asian and African countries that are under developed like Nepal, Bhutan, etc. where making money online is so hard.

People in such countries read so much blogs and articles online, work their tail off and end up without making a single dollar.

People don’t earn money online because they don’t know how things work properly in growing online success.  

Do people really earn from internet?

Yes,it is true that we can make descent amount of money from online. There are huge examples of success stories that took people from nobody to a millionaire using internet. 

However anything that you earn from world wide web is not granted for free. You have to either sell products or learn to become a good writer.

Most bloggers still stuck on one question “How to earn money online?“. 

Remember that unless we learn the right process and do some hardwork, our hands will be empty.

Proof that working online makes money:

In case if you don’t believe that working online pays, read these two facts

1. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook is the sixth richest person in the world.

2. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon is the fifth richest billionaire with a total earning net worth of $66.4 billion (USD).

Analyzing both of these millionaires, it spend them at least 10 years of working online that took their lifestyle to a new level.

It means that becoming a millionaire online is not a quick process.

Those highest grossing people who’ve made millions online started from the beginning level as us. 

Remember: You should read this entire lesson from top to bottom to get idea about what you are doing if you are really serious about making money online.


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Some of us might reach to the same heights as Zuckerberg and Bezos while most of us stuck to the same question “How to make money online?”.

We may not be able to make that much money but we can make enough cash that can help us to buy a luxurious house and a car of our dreams to turn dream into a reality.

How to make money online?
Let’s get back to the business. Below, I have listed the right things that you will require to earn money from internet:

1. Find the right niche

Both millionaires mentioned above got success because they knew what they were doing. The idea of Facebook was to connect people. Mark was a programmer and did exactly what he was capable of. He connected people and now Facebook is the largest social media on planet. It happened because Mark knew his niche properly.

Niche is any topic that you are interested about. Let me get you some idea with this. Do you love programming or have some descent knowledge about the topic then it should be your niche, just for example. You decide what niche should you start? It is like pre planning. Niche could be anything. Like if you love to cook and create new recipes, then consider it as your niche. You should be free minded and able to keep learning and discover more about it.

Remember that at the beginning of your online journey, you should identify right niche because your career depends on one single niche. 

Here are few niches that you can work on:

  • Web Developer: If you are good programmer and have knowledge on languages like java, XML, python , HTML, etc. then you can develop sites, algorithms, apps, softwares, templates, etc. that can be commercially sold online.
  • Health & Nutrition: If you are an expert on health sector, you can write about topics like weight loss, disease and their recovery, diet, fight tips, Combat Sports training tips, various foods, etc.
  • It is not necessary that you should pick above niches. You can choose anything that you are confident and interested in. If you pick the wrong niche and don’t have proper knowledge about it then you wouldn’t be able to move towards success. Only pick a niche about a subject in which you have done PhD and can help your followers too earn that degree.

    Before you start any online business, you will require a MasterCard to store your earning.

    Payoneer is the best alternative for MasterCard.

    Why Payoneer MasterCard?
    1. To verify Paypal
    2. Available in 200 countries and 150 currencies
    3. Best alternative in countries (like Nepal, Bhutan, etc.) where MasterCard is hardly available
    4. Completely free to order
    5. Free shipping (i.e. no delivery charges applied)
    6. Saves extra commission (taxes) from banks charged to own a MasterCard.

    Click here (non referral link) to order your MasterCard for free.

    After receiving MasterCard, put some funds (cash) on it so that it starts working.

    These were the basic things. We are almost there. It is time to learn more.

    You will need to create a blog first

    Many new users and learners who are unknown about this topic have frequently asked me question:

    What is a blog?

    A blog is a truncation or abbreviation or short form or whatever you call it, of word “weblog” which means a collection of data and entries published on the internet. People mostly refer a weblog as a blog or website , simply known as “site“. The data and entries stored on a blog are known as “posts“.

    You might also like to read:

    why do I need websiteReasons why you should build your own website

    Creating a blog is quite easy. But you have to pick one right choice among these two options which I’ve described clearly on this post.

    The two popular platforms to create a blog are:
    1. Blogger
    2. WordPress

    1. Blogger
    Blogger is free platform to create a blog and easy to use for newbies.

    No hosting is required. You can easily pick a theme, use a free domain (or custom) and start your blog.

    The defect is that it is SEO unfriendly if you don’t have professional skills. Also, you cannot remove or edit the numbers from permalink on your posts.

    It is simple and easy to use. That is why most learners use Blogspot to create a blog.

    2. WordPress

    WordPress is divided into two types:

    a. is the best method than Blogger because WordPress sites are SEO optimized by default. We can edit the permalink here. There are plenty (thousands) of themes in WordPress for our blog design and it is completely free to use. But we cannot edit our template, add plugins or upload our custom theme on it.

    It is the best platform for blogging than any other. We can create hosted and non-hosted websites. It is SEO friendly as well. We can also edit the permalinks and upload our custom template. But we have to pay money for buying a domain name and hosting in order to create a site on .

    It is your choice which one of these platforms you will choose to blog. Depending upon your ability and talent, you can always choose a best platform that fits you.

    Things to remember before chapter one ends:

    1. What is hosting?
    Hosting is a virtual (digital) web space or hard disk that stores images, videos, links, CSS, HTML, flash, etc. uploaded in our blog.

    To buy hosting means to buy a digital hard disk on internet so that the data uploaded on our blog can be stored.

    In a non hosted site (also known as free website) , our files are stored on our blogging servers such as Blogspot. No need to buy web space.

    In a hosted site, weblogs and files are stored in our own servers. We can use our computer hard disks or buy hosting online from a company to store entries of our blog.

    2. What is “SEO Unfriendly”?
    It is a term used for a website to indicate that it is not visible to search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo).

    The full form of SEO is “Search Engine Optimization“.

    Check out my previous articles on SEO:
    #. Top 10 benefits of SEO for business, marketing and personal blogs.
    #. SEO tools that work

    3. What is permalink?
    Permalink is URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of a site or blog post. Like:
    ” “

    Things that you have learnt from chapter one at a glance:
    1. Online business cannot start without a MasterCard
    2. About blog
    3. Mediums to create a blog
    4. Basic Technical terms that must be understood before getting into online business and more.

    What is next?
    On my future article, you will learn following things:
    1. Designing your blog
    2. Making your blog responsive and mobile friendly
    3. Connecting with social media
    4. Optimising its search presence
    5. Getting your blog ranked
    6. Writing Content
    7. Blog monetization

    This is the end of chapter one. Meanwhile Chapter 2 is being prepared, you can read this entire article again and ask me anything about any terms/words that is difficult for you to understand. Make sure that you follow me on Facebook and Twitter to not miss the updates.

    You can also share this article with your friends to let them know what you are learning because sharing is caring.

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