Top 10 Reasons To Make New Website In 2017

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top 10 benefits of website

Most of you already know these facts but still some people need proper guidance because of backward communities in most rural parts of the country. So I have written this article to make everyone clear about the benefits of building websites even if you are a business person or household wife.

A website is good in all aspects and it has covered almost every sector as internet users are growing widely.

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Top 10 reasons why you need a website in 2017

top 10 benefits of website

In 2017, website could be your reach to countless milestones and opportunities. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Online Employment

Most of you have heard about this. You can make thousands of bucks (even millions) from online. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook has set an example out of it. Your college degree is useless until you are unemployed and unsatisfied.You may work your tail off but with lots of failed attempts, you might lose hope and end bad. That is when your website saves the day. You can earn $1,000 (or above) per month monetizing your website.

2. Attract more customers:
If you run a business, website can help increase the number of costumers you have.In an study by The Cultureist there are approximately 2,405,515,376 & counting internet users worldwide. That is huge. Those people can be a part of our journey and business. We can convert a large percent of those people to our regular customers using a website. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos have already discovered million customers using his website.

2. To sell goods and services:
We can post about the goods and services provided by our company online so that people can see it directly and purchase it from any part of the world. A website has connection to a huge reach of people than we think.

3. To save time:
Clients are most important factors to make a business success story. A website promotes a business and increases clients in short period of time. Suppose for a newly opened schools that needs students to operate, staffs are divided and sent to every house in their community to request their parents and attract students (customers). Just think how bulky is it to do so. It is boring and time consuming task, and the worst news is, parents do not care at all. Instead, if the school get a brand new website along with advertisement in radio or newspapers (along with the link of website included on the ads), people will more likely visit the school. If they visit the site and the pictures worked well with description, you will find a queue of customers next to your office.

5. Support crowd-funding projects:
Crowd funding is a term used when you are running any project in a community or personally but the project cannot be completed due to shortage of funds. Therefore you raise money as fund from crowd to support the project, which is termed as crowd funding. You can clear away people’s doubts and confusions about your project (repairing dams, roads, bridges or building new schools for orphans, etc.) and raise a huge amount of money from it. Kickstarter, Go Fund Me, Indiegogo are the top crowd funding sites.

6. To save money for advertisements :
A business without customers is like dead. Good customers are very hard to find these days specially for newly launched business. We advertise our businesses for the first few months of opening to attract customers. A website can save those money needed for advertisement. A website is cheap and cost effective as compared to newspaper, radio and TV ads. Therefore a website can save a huge amount of money.

7. To provide restless service:
A website can be available even when you aren’t in the office. It can provide service to your customers 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year. It pays better attention than business cards and telephones.

8. To increase influence:
When thousands of people visit your business website, they get informed about you and your company. A website gathers forms, e mails and feed-backs from a lot of costumers allowing you to directly communicate and thus increasing more influence among people.

9. Answer to Customer FAQ:
You can answer the most common questions about your business using FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) page on your site. It will clear away the doubts and answer every question about your business that customers are interested to know. This will help them satisfy their needs with your company and earn trust.

10.Give a push to Personal Creativity:If you have a dream of doing something creative and different but could not achieve due to various reasons then your website will help you. You can express your creativity and show your talent to the world using the medium of a website. For example, the world requires top class writers these days. But most of the parents expect their children to be doctors or engineers. So website can help them to understand. It only takes one hour a day to write a great article and publish it online in-front of the world. A website is like stage for such people where they perform. Many world famous writers, actors, athletes, musicians, etc. have their own personal websites where they expose their talent.

Final Words:
So why not give it a try and create a website for yourself now? You can build a website on your own or spend few dollars on buying it at cheap rates. There are professionals out there looking for you.

I always work hard and try to make these information as useful and simple as possible. You can leave a comment below to share your opinions and help me improve this. Also share this using the buttons below, it only takes less than a minute to share.


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