Best Data Recovery Companies & Service Cost (2019)

Find cost and prices of best data recovery companies with real method of estimating its values and rates. This complete guide contains every detail that you need to know about data recovery & how it works.

Specifically, you’ll discover the science behind restoring data in computing world, recovering files using command prompt in windows 10 and Mac OS. This will also help if you want to recover lost files without formatting. Let’s get started then.

What is Data Recovery

Data recovery is a technique of fetching lost data which is accidentally or purposefully deleted. It is a process of restoring lost files from hard drives using different software. The data may be erased due to virus infection, system failure, physical damage or intentional cause. Corrupted, Stolen or damaged files can also be retrieved using this method.

It can be done in the form of backup files or by restoration in disk fragments. It may be a lengthy process and takes time to complete. This can protect organizations and individuals from big disasters by avoiding loss of information. Also, we can also get back lost multimedia files such as movies, pictures, audios, etc.

Hard Drive Recovery Service Cost (Estimation Process)

The hard drive recovery service cost depends upon the time spent by workers to get the job done. The lowest cost of data recovery service is $49 as mentioned by HDRG (company). Similarly, the NYC data recovering prices ranges from $95-$225 in tier-I.

For the second and third tier, costs are up to $150-$550 and $750-$1700 respectively. They are evaluated depending upon circumstances such as the cause of data loss, tools & working environment required. Furthermore, supervision afforded by expert engineers also determines the values.

Some companies offer fixed whereas others offer variable rates. For example, the GimmiBYTE LLC is a 19 years veteran in the industry that charges a fixed rate of $250 and $250 for residential & commercial data recovery for first 3 hours of labor, respectively.

If time is consume d more than three hours, they charge additional cost of $60 & $120 per hour. Similarly, there are other companies in the market that do the exact same work for different prices. Be sure to compare them and only pick the one which guarantees better recovery percentage.

Recover Files from External Hard Drive Using Command Prompt in Windows 10

We can recover damaged or virus infected files on external hard drives using command prompt on any version of windows. First of all, plug in your device such as pendrive or SD card. Then open up command prompt by searching ‘cmd’ on start menu and click on appropriate results.

Before typing any commands, visit ‘This Pc’ (My Computer) and check the label on specified drive such as C, D, E, etc. In my case, the label on pendrive is H. After checking name of drive, type the following commands and keep pressing enter one by one in every line:

  • chkdk H:/f
  • Y (keep pressing the key only until command line resets to default while the previous code is being executed on screen simultaneously)
  • H: (don’t forget to replace this label with the one found on your hard drive)
  • attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*

Once you complete typing these commands, the files will be recovered in .chk format. Change their extensions according to your wish and save to a different location. Similarly, the command ‘start shell:RecycleBinFolder’ helps to recover deleted files from recycle bin. Make sure that disk is set to C: before typing.

Follow these instructions to recover files from external hard drive without formatting:

  • Right click on start menu and select command prompt (admin).
  • Windows will ask for your permissions to open the app. Click on “Yes”.
  • In the command prompt window, type ‘H: /f /r /x‘. Replace H: with the label of your disk.

For some reasons, the system may fail to detect hard drive and display error messages like ‘RAW drive is not initialized‘ or ‘the drive cannot be accessed/formatted‘. For that particular case, you need to make the drive visible by right clicking on the start menu and open disk management (for windows 10). In other versions of windows, type ‘diskmgmt.msc’ in ‘Run’ application and press enter.

If you can find the drive in the Disk Management window, you can format its partition by using a data recovery software. However, if it still doesn’t show up, right click on start menu again and open disk management. There you will find a corrupted drive with a colorful yellow mark. Click on that and it will show you the actual problem and solution as well.

Manually Recover Files from External Hard Drive on Mac Operating System

Apple’s popular Mac OS sometimes crashes while manually trying to recover files. If you want to fix problems manually, open Disk Utilities first which is found on Apps folder. Try searching on Spotlight if you cannot find it there by pressing hotkeys ‘command’ + ‘space’. Then open the menu by clicking on the desired drive and select ‘First Aid’. The process will then start immediately on the go. Ignore any warnings that appear during the whole process. Continue until it is complete and this might solve your issues.

Final Words: Always make sure that you have a backup plan for data stored in your operating system. If the manual methods didn’t work properly then you have no other choice than to pay for software which may cost a lot of money. Always experiment with software such as Recuva & EaseUs before paying for hard drive recovery services. Let me know if you have any feedbacks or problems using above tutorial on comments below. I will try my best to support you.

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