Top 5 Best Online Marketing Certificate Programs (2018)

In this article, you will discover top 5 best online marketing certificate programs. They help to boost sales and generate leads through rare internet marketing strategies. These courses are suitable for every type of learners from a solo beginner to an expert.

Online marketing was never complex with available resources. The world has seen billionaires rise from e-commerce. Anyone can achieve those status and bigger heights if provided the right direction. And there is a lot of free as well as paid information in the internet.

In this post, I have reviewed top 5 digital marketing courses that are best to learn in 2018. In fact, I’ve used one of these programs to get SEO boost for my website. Plus, they also provide certificates at the end of course, that may be free or paid.

Top 5 Best Online Marketing Certificate Programs

best online marketing certificate programs
The income earned by online marketers may be as high as $77,000 to $100k USD per annum. Here is the list of best online marketing certificate programs in 2018. These courses are only designed for new internet CEOs.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

In 3.5 hours of course duration, GA Academy makes you confident to use Google Analytics. It is a part of Google training program known as ‘Academy for Ads’. You will need a simple Google A4A account to get started with this course.

It demonstrates use of Google Analytics to get detailed website traffic reports. They are useful for finding problem in pages that users face and fix them. It also provides a certificate that can be only achieved after passing a test. The GA Individual Qualification (IQ) classes are completely free and taught online.

Duke University Online Programs

This online course focuses on DMCA, content marketing, social media and SEO. Their advanced module comprises ppc, conversion rate optimization, web analytics and email marketing.

The Duke University situated in North California has been educating nation since 1938. A student must be at least 18 years old and must have an excellent knowledge of English language. He/she must have basic technical knowledge about computers and access to internet. Plus, android phone is a must to receive training about apps. The qualification certificate is only given if a student scores more than 80% in final test. The tuition fee is $3195 and registrations done online.

SEO That Works

This course is all about search engine optimization. Brian has already published free resource such as ‘Google’s 200 Ranking Factor‘ in his blog. They are million times helpful than any other guide and these techniques work quite well.

But his blog has gone so viral that everyone has started using the exact same ideas. It increased a lot of competition and made SEO complex. Marketers pay to learn the deep SEO techniques not shared on the blog. The course it is worth every penny and gets the result fast.

To take part in this course, you have to create a team of certified educated people. It has helped millions across the world for the past 8 years. This course provides marketing, analytical, consulting and business skills to students.

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It helps you get involved with real organizations to develop practical experience. They will introduce latest technology so that one can develop high-demand skills. It also provides $250 budget as a challenge. This campaign must be complete in three weeks as per their policies. That’s an opportunity you should never miss.

Social Media Quick starter

It is hard to receive organic social signals such as likes, comments, etc. but that’s not enough. We should be able to convert them into regular customers and this course exactly helps you gain that. It will teach you how to make sure that email reaches your followers inbox, opened and converted.

You will also learn how to make polls and surveys to get honest feedbacks from customer. This helps to improve business and website by fixing missing problems and errors. Social media marketing plays vital roles in getting leads and conversions. This will increase your presence and engagement with loyal customers.

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Learn PPC by Wordstream

The full form PPC is pay per click, sometimes also known as cost per click (cpc). It generates search engine’s advertisement to produce more organic clicks on your website. This free course helps you understand PPC, keywords, ads, ctr, cpc, CPA and conversion making. Now that was a part of PPC 101 course among the 6 different programs designed for beginner to pros. It includes advanced PPC webinars, white papers and social media training for free.

Final Words
These were the top 5 best online marketing certificate programs. Have you tried any of these? Which of these internet marketing classes are you looking forward to attend and why? Let other readers know about your honest feedback and how you feel using the comment box below.

Max is a digital marketer and full time blogger who left his regular job to earn online. He is a gold medalist in boxing at national level from Nepal & loves to watch & analyze combat sports. He also has various skills in video editing & 3D animation using software like Houdini, Blender & Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Max Dai has 5 years of experience in blogging & he is also a part time YouTuber.

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