15 Best Photo Vault Apps For Android (2019) – Secure Hot Pictures

Here you will discover the best photo vault apps for android that almost guarantees privacy and hides hot pictures, videos, and other applications. Plus, learn how to hide pictures without any app at the end as a bonus.

Photo Vault apps are used to hide private images and video clips from home screen or gallery. It is easy to stop anyone entering your confidential folders. These android apps are designed to maintain privacy by keeping intruders away from secret photos, videos, and apps.


In this list, we have excluded apps for the iOs system. You will find pure android apps that are free to download in Google Play Store. However, some of them may contain In-App purchases to buy premium features. Most of them (almost 90%) are tested and tried by the author. So, we are just sharing our honest review and experience upon installing such apps.


There are many applications that offer cool premium features while some provide exact those services for free. Therefore, it is recommended that you should read and compare details about every single app listed below because it might save money and fulfill your needs at the same time.

List of Best Photo Vault Apps For Android in 2018

Keep Photos Secret by Systweak Software

The app is super light consuming only 5mb of download space. It will ask for storage permissions. A secret 4 digit passcode is used to lock and unlock files. After entering the passcode 2 times, it will ask to import photos and videos from other apps during setup. A passcode recovery email is necessary to regain access if we forget password in future.

The UI of this app is clean and amazing. Actually, there are 3 tabs in the bottom bar: Albums, Import & Settings. It also supports the mass selection of photos and videos. In addition to that, it will ask us whether to keep or remove files from the original location. Don’t worry; a copy of them will be saved in a secret folder hidden from the gallery.

The imported images or videos are stored in ‘Albums’ tab. There we can watch hidden files, move to the Gallery (public location) or directly delete them. We can easily organize photos by creating new albums inside the app which is password protected. (Download Now)

Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos

Keepsafe is one of the top-grossing best photo vault app for android ranked #2 on Google Play Store at the time of this publishment. The official app size is 14.27mb. This app requires sign-up for the first time and an email address to recover the lost password.

There are two lock types in the app: pin and pattern. The secret door feature changes its icon and makes it look like either calculator or virus scanner due to different options are available in settings. It is easy to export hidden files into the gallery on one tap. Keepsafe will automatically create a public folder to store exported images/videos.

It is free to download but contains pro features that include customizing themes, custom album covers, and individual password for albums, break in alerts to detect intruders, secret door and a fake PIN generator. The biggest advantage is that we can enjoy such premium services free of cost for the first 30 days. After passing the experiment period, it will charge $9.99 for one month only. If you purchase on yearly basis, the price is $1.99 per month. The lifetime cost of the app is $149.99. These purchases provide bigger private cloud space to safely backup 300 to 5,000 items. The pro feature will keep ad-free environment on your phone, trash recovery and space server.

( Download KeepSafe Photo Vault)

Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro by Anuj Tenani

To trick trespassers entering into your phone, HideIt pro will appear as audio manager in the apps list. The app requires storage permission but providing location access is your choice. A numeric digits pin code or password can be set up to access files protected by HideIt Pro app.

In order to unlock the original app, long tap on audio manager logo. Finally, enter your password. It can hide Pictures, Videos, and Music files but requires root for apps. It also supports backup and encryption for most important documents. Plus, we can write new private notes inside it.(Download Hideit Pro)

Gallery Lock (Hide pictures) by Morrison Software

This application is a normal privacy protector with a small download size of 5mb. The stealth mode hides its launch icon from home screen and apps lists making it completely anonymous. A recovery email is required to set up stealth mode. Upon activation, Gallery Lock will automatically ask to install ‘Stealth Mode Enabler’ app without downloading from the internet. Make sure that installation from unknown sources is allowed in your phone to perform this step.

Once stealth mode is activated, you cannot find any sign of app on your phone. To reopen it, Dial default pin *7777 or *password and make a call. In case of lost password, dial *#0000 and call again. You will receive a message in recovery email inbox that contains lost PIN code.

The watchdog triggers the front camera and automatically captures photos when a wrong password is entered 3 times in a row. This also works in stealth mode and it is good to identify the face of the intruder. Prior to that, we can back up photos and videos into a compressed zip file using the app. Cloud backup into Google Drive and Dropbox is also supported.

Private Photo Vault by Legendary Labs LLC

This photo vault app was originally made for iOs but it can be installed on android also. Its download size is 11mb and also supports the inbuilt internet browser. The pro vault can be bought for $3.99 from Google Play. Its premium features are unlimited photos, decoy password; break-in report, fingerprint login, wireless file transfer, and unlimited albums. The supported password types are Pin and Pattern lock.


It uses device administrator permissions and consumes low disk storage of 4mb only. Fotox provides a free break-in attempts features to detect the thief. You can use Pin or pattern modes with fake crash unlock system that displays a broken message to prevent intruders enter the app. We can also hide its icon and dial *123* to re-launch. The advanced security option prevents from intentional uninstall attempts. There are two different options for password recovery. The first option is email and the second one is a security question. The best part is that it does not contain any predetermined questions. You can type whatever you want like “who are you?” and answer “I am doctor strange”‘ as an example.

Safe Gallery (Media Lock) by ukzzang

The main features of this app are managing audio, video, photo and web images. It also supports fingerprint unlock option besides regular PIN, password and pattern methods. We can recover accidentally deleted files with the help of Lock Media Recovery. It provides a sorting folder by types with a nice interface to make an easy selection. However, it contains unnecessary ads that can be removed whenever you want. We have not tried this yet but you should definitely download it as the developers promise to satisfy your needs.

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos, App Lock, Cloud Backup by NQ Mobile Security

Vault-Hide is listed as #1 free business app on Google Play Store as of August 2018. The app size is 8mb only and asks permissions for phone calls. The free version provides features for cloud backup up-to 1GB, hide photos and videos from Gallery with ads. In addition to that, it provides privacy for contacts and phone calls. We can hide up to 5 apps in the free version. It supports private browser as well. The pro app costs $0.99, $4.99 and $8.99 USD on monthly, half annually and yearly basis.

Hide Photos in Photo Locker by Handy Apps

The key features are safe encryption, user-friendly interface, bulk hide/un-hide easily with slideshow and pin recovery. Photos can be hidden directly from the Gallery by using share button or within the app by tapping on plus (+) button. Stealth mode is also available but for premium users only. The app is translated into 13 different languages including English, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Italiano, Bahasa Indonesia and more.

Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty by Squid Tooth LLC

It provides multiple vaults with app size of 5.94mb. It uses Google account to safely automatic backup files. There’s nothing new in Vaulty. Just click on “hide pictures & videos button” to get started. It has pro as well as a free version with millions of downloads on Play Store. Definitely, you should try this app once in a lifetime.

LockMyPix by Fourchars

You can continue with or without a recovery email. You can enjoy fingerprint authentication in free version if your device supports fingerprint sensors. Hiding app is available in pro version. Other important features are shaking to lock and fake vault. It has a cool design and styling system with dark mode and slideshow fading. However, the sd card storage is available in premium only.

HD SMTH by Colifer Lab

It is divided into two tabs: visible and invisible where we can browse public photos and videos. The hidden files can be found on the invisible tab. License (pro) is required to enable the fake mode that shows a different password than the real one. Unlock in stealth mode is available for free. It is possible to discover lost hidden files as well. We can make the app system unrecognizable by hiding from file explorer.

Private Zone – Applock, Video & Photo Vault by Leomaster

The app size is huge 21mb as compared to other secret vault apps and it contains too many ads in the free version. Besides hiding sexy photo albums and videos, it lets us hide apps as well that is limited to 5. You can use either pin code or pattern lock. A secret question “What’s my lucky number?” is asked to unlock the app whenever one forgets the password. You can enter any 6 digit number. It provides scanning feature as well to compare and lock apps and other documents in danger state.

Gallery Vault-Hide Pictures and Videos

The app is simple with great features and good security. It changes the name of hidden files so that no one can detect it. This is easy to use and enables direct sharing of hidden applications. It encrypts hidden files for optimum privacy and works on any version of Android 4.4 (KitKat) plus above. It does not have any storage limitations and supports incognito web browser to download files from the internet without saving history by any means. None of the private files are transferred online to the web and also has fingerprint unlock system on supported Samsung devices. Download gallery vault for free on Google Play Store.

Vault Calculator Hide Pictures by Fotoable Inc.

It is more than just a normal photo vault app as it offers calculator secret door feature. People won’t be able to detect if that is a calculator or picture hide application. It also provides album lock, cloud backup, and intrusion alert. We can also retrieve files that are accidentally deleted through it. It also contains in-built video player and photo editor.


Bonus: How to hide photos on Android without an app?

As promised, this is the bonus trick about hiding photos without any app. Happily, we can now hide multimedia on android without using any third-party application. Android has evolved and some devices provide inbuilt features to safeguard your privacy. If you have Gionee P5W or any model of that brand, perform these steps to hide pictures without any app.

  1. Open Gallery and load the photo that you want to hide using default image viewer.
  2. Tap on ‘More’ and select ‘Encrypt’. All of sudden, the selected picture will be hidden.
  3. To view or decrypt picture, go to settings >> security >> security password.
  4. Enter default lock screen pin or pattern to access.
  5. Tap on ‘Private Space‘.
  6. Tap ‘Enter Private Space’.
  7. There’s a long list of options such as private contacts, calls, messages, pictures, files, and applications that are hidden. Select ‘Private Pictures’.
  8. Then load a photo and select ‘decrypt’.

In this way, we can keep files secret on any Gionee android model. For other models, you will need a root file manager tool like ES File Explorer that can modify folders however you want. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First of all, enable ‘Show Hidden Files’ option in your file manager.
  2. Then create a new folder with a period (dot .) placed on it. For example, you can rename it like ‘.folder’ and it will automatically become hidden.
  3. Open that folder and create a new file with the name ‘.nomedia’
  4. Now, move those private photos into this folder.
  5. Disable the ‘Display hidden files’ option and you’re done.

In this way, you can hide photos on android without an app. In order to restore hidden items, just cut and paste them into a different location and they will start to appear again on Gallery. Such a great relief, isn’t it? No bulky apps or no spending money. Just hide private files in a couple of seconds.


Final Words: These were the top 15 best photo vault apps for android. An important notice is that they store hidden photos and videos in SD card. If their data or cache is cleared, uninstalled or formatted in any way, locked/hidden files get permanently deleted. So unhide private files before removing such apps from your phone. Now, are you going to try and install any of the apps listed above? Let me and the world know about your experience using these apps on the comments box below. [C U]

Max is a digital marketer and full time blogger who left his regular job to earn online. He is a gold medalist in boxing at national level from Nepal & loves to watch & analyze combat sports. He also has various skills in video editing & 3D animation using software like Houdini, Blender & Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Max Dai has 5 years of experience in blogging & he is also a part time YouTuber.

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