10 Handpicked Best WordPress Plugins For 2017 (Free)

Someone on Facebook recently asked me a question “What are the best WordPress plugins?” The list was so big that I decided to write an article on it. In this article, I will show you some of the handpicked best plugins for WordPress site with their functions and usage. Before we get started, here is how you can install a wp plugin.

How To Install a WordPress plugin?

1. Visit WP Dashboard and go to Plugins >> Add New
2. There you can search for a plugin online or custom upload plugin.
3. After installing a plugin, simply click on activate.

What are the best WordPress plugins for 2017?

Here is a complete list of all the must-have plugins for your WordPress site:

1. Akismet anti-spam

Author: Automattic

This plugin is rated 5 stars by million WordPress users all over the world. It is best at protecting the site against spam through comments, wp forums or other methods 24 hours and it works pretty well. All you have to do it install the plugin, activate it and get an API key which is available both free and paid.

2. Broken Link Checker:

Author: Janis Elsts, Vladimir Prelovac

Good for SEO, this plugin reports all the broken links and missing images on your WordPress site. Any broken links will appear in “strikethrough” formatting. If there are too many broken links, you don’t to manually visit each post or page to update the link. There is an option to edit URL, unlink, mark not broken, dismiss or recheck the URL at single place. You can view them in the dashboard or by visiting tools >> Broken Links. You will also get suggestions for alternative links and email notifications in settings.

3. Contact Form 7:

Author: Takayuki Miyoshi

This plugin is for creating simple and flexible contact forms which you can embed anywhere on your sites like the contact page or sidebar widgets. It supports various formatting and custom fields with optional captcha and Akismet anti-spam service.

4. Google Analytics For WordPress By MonsterInsights

Author: MonsterInsights

This plugin is made to track your Google Analytics statistics. After you authenticate your analytics account with this plugin, go to Insights >> Dashboard to see the total page views, top posts and pages, top traffic sources, top countries and percentage of visitors from them according to Google Analytics data.

5. Redirection

Author: John Godley

This is one of the most useful plugins for setting up 301 redirections. Sometimes condition may arise when you have to change the permalink of a modified post or page and tell your visitors that it is available to a new destination. In that case, the old URL becomes broken or dead. So to redirect visitors through the old link to a new one this plugin is used in order to avoid internal broken links.

6. Hide Featured Images:

Author: shahpranaf

Featured images are cool, right? They show an image of your choice while sharing our articles in social media and appear on the homepage. But for some wp themes, it is a headache because when you open an article, a highlighted featured image appears below the post title in large size which impacts the look of our page. So this plugin makes sure that you want to display featured image on top of page or not. However, the featured image of your choice will still appear in other places except for the post itself. Once you install this plugin and edit a post, you will see an option to the left side of the editor “Hide Featured Image?” There are two options where you can choose yes or no according to your choice.

7. Social Media Follow Buttons Bar:

Author: Arthur Gareginyan

You can make stylish social media account buttons appear anywhere on your site using this plugin. It will automatically fit the width of the place where you place the buttons. There are 84 different social media account options available for you all for free. You can control the size and alignment of icons as well. Below is a screenshot of this beautiful plugin:

social media follow buttons

8. SumoMe

Author: SumoMe

It is used to add social share buttons to your site. You can place share buttons anywhere using this plugin. It will also display the number of shares in facebook, twitter, etc. It is available for free as well as paid.

9. WordPress Popular Posts:

Author: Hector Cabrera

It is another great plugin for WP Users. It displays the most popular posts of all time that are highly customizable. You can show popular posts within a time range and shortcode option to place anywhere on the site is also available.

10. Yoast SEO

Author: Team Yoast

Don’t miss this one. It is the guru of all WordPress plugins and it is worth thousands of other SEO plugins out there. It analyzes your site completely and gives you proper SEO recommendations. Using this plugin, you can connect your site with Google webmasters tools, bing, and Yandex, create sitemaps and custom robots.txt for your site. You can also control how the titles and paragraphs appear in search engines. Overall, this is the best WordPress plugin ever. It is available in both free and paid versions.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Thank you so much for visiting Advanced Blog. If you have any suggestions, complaints or feedback, kindly share them through the comment box below. 🙂

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