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Top 10 Cool Apps For Teenagers in 2019 Android (List + Review) – Free

This is the list of 10 cool apps for teenagers in 2019 that are engaging, entertaining and enjoyable. Plus some of them are very productive and useful for teens in everyday life. We have covered 10 best apps from 10 different categories here.


The apps mentioned on this list are unique and fits best for a teenager of any age. They are best rated in the Google Play Store as well. Our goal is to help teenagers increase their creativity and give them the will to try something new. So we have not covered any old popular time-killing social media apps here. Plus, this list is not concerned with gaming apps in any way. This is a list of pure fun and cool apps for teenagers.


To make this list fair, I have not listed social media apps and video games that are already popular among teenagers. Also, apps that contain inappropriate content are not listed here. For example, apps that use abusive language, display dirty and violent graphics. These apps are completely unique and rising in trends in 2019.




Note: We are not affiliated with any application, program or software listed here in any way. This article is for information and review purpose only. We are not responsible for the outcome of such apps. Please read our Privacy Policy page to understand more.

10 Cool Apps For Teenagers in 2019 (List with review)

YouTube Kids

The second largest search engine on planet earth, YouTube, is for people of all ages. But ‘YouTube Kids‘ is for children and teenagers. It contains videos, shows, and music made for teens. This cool app is what you should definitely try. This app also has another version called YouTube Kids For Android TV. YouTube Kids has received 4.5 total star ratings out of 5.

Download YouTube Kids


This app has received 4.7 star-ratings. Teenagers of growing age need this app. It teaches us many international languages. If you are a fan of Shakira, then you would definitely need this app to learn Spanish and understand her lyrics. It has also received awards for Google Play best app, editor’s choice and top developer.

Download Memrise


Picsart works like Photoshop on the computer. It contains all the features that a quality photo editor tool should have. Picsart is one of the cool apps for teenagers who love taking pictures. With 4.5 star reviews and 500+ million downloads, it is #1 photo editor tool that every teenager must have.

PicsArt Features & Download


This event app helps to remove your boredom. If your weekends are boring and have nothing to do, you can download this cool app. This will allow discovering each type of events that you can attend near your area. It has received 4.1 star-ratings which means people are loving it. It contains fluent details, and proper headings to help you become more social. Give it a try and you will find it useful.


Download Nearify


This is a music app that allows you to stream various radio and music stations of all types. Pandora was a website which is now converted into a free mobile application. This app requires internet to play. Yet, we can play files offline after the download is complete. Pandora has 4.0 star reviews on Google Play. It is available in respective stores of both iOs and Android operating system.

Download Pandora



Another cool app for teenagers but this is huge. The fact that it has received 4.8 star-reviews with more than 10 million installs means that people are loving it. Canva is a website which is now an app as well. It helps us to create awesome cover photos for various social media. We can also make featured images for websites and blogs. Besides that, it can make logos, cards, posters, infographics, banners, etc.

Canva has a unique interface and super easy to use at the same time. Almost every type of graphics is possible to create with Canva. This app is good for your creativity and photography desire.


Download Canva


When I first saw this, i found it amazing because this is something new concept. It can be useful for anyone who attends a school, college or university. This free android app allows us to upload a photo of question from the book, copy or paper. Then you will get step by step solutions for it. It can be helpful if you are stuck while doing homework, projects or preparing for exams. The biggest part is that it contains no in-app purchases, completely free.


Download Socratic



If you want cool apps for teenagers, skyview should be on your list. Stephan Hawkins have described in brief about the history of time and space. The big bang, supernova, matter and nuclear waves, all were part of the universe at the time of its creation. Hawkins never went to space but find out a lot of details by observing from earth. Skyview app helps you to examine the space without being an astronomer. 5 million people have already downloaded this cool astronomy app. It contains features such as Augmented Reality. With the help of AR, the app can spot space objects if you point camera upwards towards the sky. You’ve got to check Skyview app once in your life.


Download Skyview


Booeys: A Journey Home

You might be wondering, Max you told that no games are included on this list. So why this? To be honest with you, this is more than just a game. Booeys is an edutainment app where you get entertainment with education. Its’a puzzle app with cool ghost storyline. The graphics are two-dimensional with 3 different adventuring environment. It also has various modes such as practice, career, etc.

Download Booeys


Just 2 Pics

In Just 2 Pics, you are presented with two photos in the screen. You have to combine those two pictures to a make a word or phrase. However, there is no description or name of the picture given. So you will have to guess and imagine to figure it all out. For example, a picture of sand on left and witch on right combined make a sandwich. That’s the task you have to complete in Just 2 Pics.


Download Just2Pics


Final Words:  Did you enjoyed reading the list of top 10 cool apps for teenagers? What is your most favorite app from the above list and why? Did I miss any other cool app that deserves to be on the above list? Don’t hesitate to write it down on comments below.

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