How To Make Your Own Blog For Free Using Blogspot (2018 Update)

How to make a blog

In this article, I am going to show you how to make your own blog for free using Blogspot. You will also discover how to change its design without coding and publish your first article. Plus I have also added additional useful resources as bonus at the end to help you learn Blogger briefly.

At some point, every newbie starts their journey using BlogSpot before switching into pro because it is absolutely free and easy to use. You can learn so many things about blogging for your future and yes, you can also make descent income through it with some hard work and dedication.

You are not the only one who is out there to use this Google product. Millions of bloggers are already publishing their articles everyday using it. The coolest thing about BlogSpot is that it is absolutely free. You don’t have to buy web hosting, ssl certificates, and other complex things to operate. You won’t need any kind of web design skills and coding knowledge. You can also earn cash from it by monetizing content, which most of the other free blogging platforms don’t offer.

And if you are thinking to turn into professional one day, blogger is a great place to start. You wouldn’t want to invest in some expensive blogging platforms blindfolded without knowing basics of blogging. So not only to earn, but you can use BlogSpot to learn fundamentals of blogging such as concept of web pages, uploading files online, visitors & traffic, html, xml, SEO (search engine optimization) and lot more because these skills will pay you online in future which blogger will help you to learn. Don’t worry for now because as your experience increases, you find them easier. I too started at the very bottom just like you and learnt BlogSpot first.

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We are about to start our topic but before moving into the main part, make sure that you have basic computer skills, a pc connected to internet, a gmail id and 10 minutes of your life.

Alright, Let’s Dive in.

How to make your own blog for free using blogspot

Installing blogger is easier than you think. Here are the steps for creating your blog:

Step 1: First of all, you should visit and click on the orange CREATE YOUR BLOG button to get started.

Blogger Signup Page

Blogger will now ask you to select a profile. You can choose to create a Google Plus profile (recommended) or continue with the limited blogger profile.

Select Blogger Profile

If you select Google+ option, they will take you to a page where you have to input your real name and gender to create a google plus profile. If you select limited blogger profile option, enter your display name that your audience will see and click on the “Continue To Blogger” button.

Display name of limited blogger profile

This will take you to the blogger welcome screen. Here you have to click on “Create New Blog” button.

Blogger welcome page

After that, you have insert the title of your blog, its address like and then select a beautiful theme (design) by scrolling down. Click “Create A Blog”.

You can change blog address and name anytime in future. Also, you cannot remove and make it just .com in free blogs. It will cost you money when you become an expert blogger and consider buying the premium .com domain.

create a new blog on blogger

Awesome! You have just made your own blog for free. Now you can access its dashboard, a place where you will be able to control your blog by creating new posts, uploading images, change its look, etc.

Now you are ready to publish and start blogging.

How to change the design of your blog without coding

The design of your blog is controlled by blogger themes. It is possible to give your blog a new look without digging into html and css yourself because the developers has made it easy for you. You can find millions of free as well as paid templates online. You can download blogger templates from GooyaabiTemplates, Colorib and million other sites.

While you choose the right theme that suits your needs, be sure that they fall under following recommended criteria:

  • SEO optimized
  • Responsive and mobile friendly i.e. your blog should load well on every device and browers.
  • Should not contain high quality background images, flash objects, JavaScript or CSS that make blog load slow.
  • Must contain proper share buttons and social media icons
  • Contains open graph tags to display blog thumbnails properly while sharing on social media such as facebook, twitter, etc.

You should check for above things while choosing the right theme for your blog to make sure that you don’t get troubled.

Below are some of the best hand-picked blogger themes that you should try:

  1. Authority Mathew Blogger Template
  2. BTNT Responsive Template
  3. Siril Blogger Template

These are very good blogger templates but I also believe in transparency. So you can search for more premium themes on Google if you are not satisfied with these.

Once you have downloaded the right theme, you can change your design from the blogger dashboard. Visit Themes page and then click on “Backup/Restore Theme” button.

Blogger Theme Page

A popup window will appear next. Go ahead and click on “Upload a file”. Find the location in your computer where downloaded blogger template is stored. Double click on xml theme file and hit “Upload” button.

backup restore blogger theme (Screenshot)

Once your theme is successfully uploaded, you can make it by selecting the Mobile View Display screen. You can visually modify theme by clicking on “Customize” button or click “Edit Html” button to change its code if you have proper html, css and xml knowledge.

How to Publish Your Content on Blogger

You can publish contents on blogger in the form of posts and pages. By default, “posts” will appear in homepage in reverse chronological order starting from newest to oldest. “Pages” such as About Me, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Sitemap, etc. will automatically appear in menus or sometimes you have to manually place them in your blog depending upon your theme.

To create and publish your first article, head over to Posts >> New Post in Blogger Dashboard. It will now show an editor page as shown on screenshot below:

Create new post on blogger

You can insert a title and write content in the big blank editor screen. You will find tons of other features like formatting your posts, adding tags, etc. You can click on orange Publish button to make it appear live on the blog.

Similarly, to add pages visit Pages >> Add new in blogger dashboard. This will bring you to similar editor screen that you saw earlier while creating posts. Here you can publish your pages online by inserting its title and contents in their proper fields.

Create new page on blogger

You will find some additional features on editor page like the custom permalink tab. You can use it to change URL of blog posts. Edit meta description to tell search engines about the content. Similarly, you can also include location in your post and edit articles in two different ways using compose mode that does not requires any coding skills and HTML Mode. You should learn to make proper use of these elements to become better blogger.

Resources To Learn Blogger

If you want to increase knowledge about blogger, following resources might be useful:

Also, you can find different topics about blogging on our site. We have regularly updated contents and articles for you.

I hope this tutorial helped you to make your own blog for free using blogspot. If you liked this information, kindly leave a comment below. If you face any problems, you are free to ask them here. Alternatively, you can also find me on facebook or Twitter.