How To Create Blog Using Blogspot Free (4 Steps With Pictures)

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Basic Guide: How to create blog using blogspot (Step By Step)

how to create a blog

Do you want to create a free blog? I know that creating a blog could be difficult when you do not have much technical knowledge. But you are not alone. Around 2 million bloggers publish their articles everyday. At some point, before switching into pro blogging platforms like WordPress, every newbie start their journey using Blogspot. So I have decided to create the most easy and broad guide on how to create a blog from scratch without any technical knowledge.

What do you need to create a free blog on Blogspot?

Few things that you will require to setup blog includes:

  • Basic computer and typing skills
  • PC connected to internet
  • A Gmail account
  • Domain Name (Address for your blog i.e.
  • 10 minutes of attention

Yes, you can create a free blog in less than 10 minutes with proper attention, and I will guide you through the whole process, step by step.

In this tutorial, you will discover:

  • How to Install Blogger
  • How to change your design
  • How to write your first article
  • Resources to learn Blogger

Let’s begin our topic.

Step 1: Install Blogger

Blogger is always free because you need to setup and control entire blog yourself.

Let’s go ahead and setup our free blog.

Open Blogger and follow these process.

First you need to click on orange CREATE YOUR BLOG button.

create new blog on blogger

On the next screen, enter your Gmail I’d and password to login.

gmail login

After that you will be asked to choose your profile and confirm how readers will learn about you when they view your posts. You can choose to appear as Google Plus profile (most popular one) or switch to a limited blogger profile. Click on continue to blogger orange button after selecting your profile.

choose blogger profile

You are logged in. Click on Create New Blog button.

Create new blog on blogspot

After that, you will be asked to enter title and address of your blog (subdomain like Be unique while selecting these two elements. You can always change them later.

Just below it, there are different themes that give a cool look to your blog. From the list select a nice design and click on ‘Create Blog!’ button.

select blogspot theme

Once completed, you will be logged inside the dashboard of newly created blog. This is the place where you can create a new post, change design, etc.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your free blog. Your URL will look like this:

Now you are ready to write your first article, change design, install widgets and start blogging.

Step 2: Change Design

The look of your blog is operattemplateeme (template). Changing the appearance of blog is one of the most entertaining part of blogging.

The default blogspot themes are not properly optimised. Therefore it is necessary to change template of site and load it with extra features.

You can find millions of free as well as paid templates if you search online. Make sure that the template you use in your blog contains following things:

  • Fully SEO optimized
  • The design must be responsive and mobile friendly i.e. your blog should load well on every devices.
  • Should not contain high quality background images, flash objects, JavaScript or CSS that make blog load slow.
  • Must have proper share triggers (buttons)
  • Make sure that the proper thumbnail appears when you share blog on Facebook, Twitter, etc. (i.e. Template must be optimised by open graph tags)

At least, you should check above things while choosing a theme for your blog to make sure that you don’t get in troubles.

I am currently using Authority Mathew Blogger Template on my blog which is a premium and SEO optimized template adapted from a WordPress style theme. Few other SEO optimized templates are:

I have previously used both of these templates and they are really good for blog. I also believe in transparency. So you can search for more premium themes on Google if none of these impress you.

Once you have downloaded the proper theme, you can change your design by logging into Blogger dashboard and clicking on Themes >> Backup/Restore.

backup restore blogspot template

Go ahead and click on Choose File.
Locate to your downloaded blogger template, double click on it and hit upload button. Please note that Blogspot themes are stored in .xml format. It will take only few seconds to activate the new look of your site.

But wait, there’s more. To make theme mobile friendly, click on small “wheel” icon below the Mobile View Display screen as shown below:

enable blogspot mobile theme

It will take you to a pop up screen with two options. Further check  No. Show Desktop theme on mobile devices. option and then click on save button.

show desktop theme on mobile

Once you have properly installed a theme, you can modify it by clicking “Edit HTML” button.

Step 3: Writing your first Article

To create your first article click on Posts >> New Posts on Blogger Dashboard. See the screenshot below:

create new post on blogspot

You will see an editor with various features. Insert your title and write content in the blank white space. When you are finished writing, click on orange “Publish” to make your article appear live on the web.

publish on blogspot

On the editor screen, there are various features like custom permalink, meta description, location, etc. that you can use to optimize your article. Similarly, you can write articles in two different ways: compose mode and HTML Mode. You should learn to make proper use of these elements to become better blogger.

Step 4: Resources To Learn Blogger

Blogger Help Forums is the best place to expand your knowledge. You can ask questions or start discussions and experts or contributors will answer you.
You can read the official Google Blog to get updates about various new features of Google, including Blogger which is one of the product that Google owns.
Plus the following Resources might help you:

Similarly, you can learn from different Blog Tips shared on Advanced Blog. You can also use Twitter to learn about Blogger. Google has its official trend called #gHelp . You can tweet your problems related to Blogspot (or any other Google product) including hashtags #gHelp in tweets and you will soon get reply from Google Contributors.

I hope that you find this tutorial about how to create a blog using blogger from scratch helpful. If you liked this information, then please help me to spread the word by sharing it. You can also find me on facebook and Twitter or kindly leave a comment below.

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