How To Create Ehi File For HTTP Injector 2018 (That Connects) – Smart/TNT/Globe/TM/Sun + More

Discover step by step how to create ehi file of HTTP Injector that automatically connects in every network (mostly Smart, TM, Globe, TNT, and Sun). You will also find how to create SSH and payload settings for HTTP injector.

People loved HTTP Injector not only because it used to provide free VPN services but also because it provided free internet. Many mobile network companies were facing financial loss due to this. So they found a solution to block free internet through HTTP injector.

The method mentioned in this article has nothing to do with free internet via HTTP injector. It only shows a working method that makes use of HTTP injector to get free VPN services. Virtual Private Networks are extremely helpful to hide your identity and browse the internet more securely.

HTTP Injector is available for free in Google Play Store. If that is not working, you can try to download HTTP injector from our website.

Process To create ehi file of HTTP Injector


Following are the requirements to create ehi file of HTTP injector:

  • Android 4.03 + higher version
  • Internet Connection – No Wifi or Landline (only sim card 3G/4G/LTE)
  • HTTP Injector Latest Version installed.

Create a free VPN account

In order to create an ehi file, a Virtual Private Network account is required. You can use free or paid VPN service available online like TCP VPN or any other. For this demonstration, we’ll be using ‘VPN Split’ that provides a server which lasts for 1 month.

We are not promoting VPN Split or HTTP Injector in any way. But there are few things that you should know like it provides unlimited bandwidth for 1 month. It has no restrictions, limits, captcha or whatsoever. But the defect is that you’ll have to provide personal information like Facebook or Google account. So be careful because we are not responsible for such sites. This article is for ideal information purpose only. You can read our privacy policy to get more clear about third-party websites.

Below are the steps to create a free VPN account for HTTP Injector.

  • First of all, visit
  • Tap ‘menu’ on the top right corner. Beware of the ads. Only click on the menu.
  • Select ‘create VPN’ from the drop-down list and tap ‘Create Account’.
  • Search for ‘Login with Google’ box on the page and open it.
  • This will take you to the Gmail login screen. Fill up account details and sign in like you normally do.
  • After finishing that, click on ‘select server’ and tap on anyone from the list.
  • Then type a password in the box.
  • Finally, click on create an account.

vpn account details for http injector
You will see a green highlighted box that contains details about your account. Just copy them and paste them in ‘notes’, a built-in app available on Android. You can also write it on a piece of paper but pasting them somewhere inside the phone will be a good option.

Get servers & squid proxy

After creating your free VPN account, do not close the browser. Open menu again in VPN Split page, select ‘Server & Squid’ and then tap on ‘Server & Squid Status’. It will show you different details about IP address, port, etc. Make sure to copy them as well. Alternatively, you can visit to get more details about the servers.

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Payload Settings For HTTP Injector

  1. Open ‘Http Injector’.
  2. Reset if you have previously imported some other settings by tapping on three dots at upper right corner and select “Clear Setting/Data”.
  3. Then choose “Yes”.
  4. Open payload generator and type “” in URL/Host box.
  5. Check Online Host, Keep-Alive and Forward Host boxes.
  6. Tap on “Generate Payload”.
    how to create payload for http injector

SSH Settings For HTTP Injector

  1. Open “SSH Settings”.
  2. Copy Split VPN account details and IP as shown in the green box.
  3. In ‘SSH Host’, paste that IP number.
  4. In SSH Port, insert ’22’.
  5. Go back to the website and copy username. Paste that in ‘Username’ box inside HTTP Injector.
  6. Similarly, use the same password that you’ve used while creating a VPN account.ssh settings for http injector

Connect Ehi FIle With Free VPN

  1. Go back to HTTP Injector’s welcome screen.
  2. Tap on Pencil Icon next to ‘Remote Proxy’.
  3. In the proxy IP and host box, fill the respective details found in ‘Squid Proxy and Port’ page.
  4. Tap on ‘Save’.
  5. Finally, click on start and ok. Go to ‘Log’ window to see the status.

In this way, you can make a working ehi file for HTTP injector. Just click on ‘Export Config’ icon on top to share your ehi file.


For some reasons if your ehi file is not connecting to HTTP Injector, here are some troubleshooting options:

  1. Are you trying to connect HTTP Injector at zero balance? If so, then this method will not work because you must have mobile data to access the internet. We have clearly mentioned above that this method does not provide free internet but only free VPN.
  2. Is your Payload or SSH settings correct? These are easy to create, just follow the above procedure.
  3. Make sure that you’ve entered the right VPN username, password, and host
  4. Tick on ‘Google DNS’ before tapping on ‘Start’ if you are not connecting for reasons.
  5. Turn on ‘400 HTTP Request’.
  6. Maybe your network provider has detected HTTP injector and blocked all the proxies. It will normally display a message “Connection Refused By Peer“. There is no chance to get connected in that case.
  7. Try to unlock a previously made ehi file by an expert and see what’s inside it.

That’s it. These are the common solutions for HTTP injector ehi file not connecting. Due to the mass request by people visiting our website, I have collected a list of free proxy and ssh sites below. If one did not work, try using a different site or different proxy. Here’s the list of free ssh providers for HTTP injector:


These are the free proxy sites for creating HTTP injector squid proxy:


Similar there are much more free ssh server providers and squid proxy sites found on the internet. You can try them too.

Final Words:
Did this tutorial on how to create ehi file for HTTP injector helped you? Are you able to connect your ehi file using above settings or maybe you are facing a problem? Either way, let me know if you have any feedback or problems on comments below. You can also reply to other people and try to help them as well. Before going, please check my other articles on this website. Thanks for visiting.

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