A Google account or Gmail id gives you access to all the features of Google in one place. On this article, you will learn how to create google account using desktop or android phone.

How to create google account or gmail id using desktop

Follow these steps to create a Google account using your pc or computer.

Step 1: Visit the signup page and fill the form as described below.

There are two boxes in the names field. Enter your first and last name on the respective tabs. In choose your username box, enter the email address that you want to create like example@gmail.com or if your username is taken you can add number to it. Remember that you will use this id to login next time. Then enter a new password in “create a password” box and type the same password in “confirm your password” field. The next two box are about your birthday and gender (male or female). Enter them correctly. Select your country by clicking on the country flag and input your number in “mobile number” box. If your browser has enabled cookies, it will automatically detect country. Finally, click on next step. Check out the screenshot below:

Step 2: Agree to google privacy and terms.
When you click next step, you will a list of google policies. Read them carefully and click on “I agree”. Then it will display a welcome page. Click on “Continue” and you are done.

You can access your mailbox here.

How To Create Google Account or gmail id using Android

It is simple and quick process to create gmail id from android. On this tutorial, I have explained about creating google account on anroid version 6.0. Settings may differ according to mobile model and their version. Follow these steps below to create gmail account using android.

Step 1: Make sure that you have working internet connection to perform this. Go to settings >> accounts >> add an account. Tap on “Google”. Wait until “Checking info” windows appear.

Step 2: Tap on “create a new account”.

Step 3: Enter your full name in “first” and “last” name boxs respectively. Then tap on next.

Step 4: Enter your birth date and gender. Tap next.

Step 5: Pick a google username and tap next. Remember you will require this to login to your account anytime later.

Step 6: Type an strong password on “Create password” box. Re-input the same on “Confirm password” and tap “next”.

step 7: It will automatically detect your phone number. You can change it now and tap next or you have the right to skip it.

Step 8: Read google privacy and terms properly. Then tap on “I agree” button.

Step 9: It will show your google account details. Tap “Next”. Do not exit the screen and wait for few moments and you’re done.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a new gmail account using a PC or desktop.

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