Here you will learn how to fix missing desktop icons in windows 10, which is a common problem that users face. If you use windows 10, then this article might help you to stay safe from a PC disaster. I have added screenshots of my own to help you understand better.

But first, read a quick story about this issue regarding missing desktop icons in windows 10. I have read about this problem by users in different forums online. They call it a bug. Let me tell you that this is not a bug. In fact, those desktop icons were hidden for your own safety and privacy from sneakers who try to enter your computer. Fortunately, they will not discover any private software. They will have to manually search the computer from start menu if not aware of this.

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How to Show Missing Desktop Icons In Windows 10 (Solution)

If your desktop icons in windows 10 are not showing or if they are missing, you should consider implementing the following steps on your PC:

  1. Right click any empty space on the desktop.
  2. Select ‘View’.
  3. Click ‘Show Desktop Icons’ and make sure that a check mark is present in it as shown below.

You will now find all those missing icons appear in Desktop. The above method works for most of the cases. If it didn’t worked or your PC is new, try the following steps:

  1. Click any empty space on desktop and choose ‘Personalize’.
  2. Select ‘Themes’ and then go to ‘desktop icon settings’.
  3. Select icons from the list by adding a check mark in their respective check boxes as shown on picture below and click ‘Apply’.

Final Words
From this article, you have learnt how to solve missing desktop icons problem in windows 10. I hope that you find this information useful. Did it worked for you? Let me know by dropping a quick comment below. Thanks for visiting Advanced Blog.

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