18 Actionable Ways To Promote Blog For Free in 2019 & Beyond

These are top 18 rare and free blog promotion online methods to increase views without investing money on paid advertisements. [Updated]

These techniques are super proven and helpful for any blogging platform such as BlogSpot, WordPress, Joomla, etc. But I will not mention crap such as writing more blog posts here as you already know the number really does not matter. Also, the updated Google search algorithm gives more priority to quality over quantity.

How to promote a blog for free?

Below are all those intense proven methods and strategies to promote a blog for free.

Make Use of Featured Image:

Insert a logo or website address towards the corners of main article banners. It is no denying fact that images easily get stolen, no matter how much effort you put. This will not only protect your work but also promote blog at the same time. It is one of the popular techniques used in Harsh Aggarwal’s ShoutMeLoud and here on Advanced Blog.

Use Short Domain

Before starting any blog or website, find a domain name that is essentially short and easy to remember. When people first open a blog, they look at its address. If it is horrible and long, no one ever returns to it or talks about it with their circle.

Use Social Media Strategies To Promote Blog

Just creating an account and publishing links randomly won’t work. You should adopt multiple strategies to make followers click on it.

Publish on Right Time

Share content with followers on social media when most of them are active. Use Tweriod for twitter and use Facebook insights to find related data about the audience.

Auto Post to Social Sites

It is not possible for us to stay 24 hours online. So apps likeBuffer are built to post in our social media accounts automatically at the right time. It has both free and premium features. Facebook have their own built-in option to schedule posts through a page.

Use Auto-Responders

When you go offline, followers might want to connect with you. Tell them to wait for a few hours till you get back using an autoresponder on Facebook and check your blog meanwhile at the same time. Use automatic reply services to thank someone who follows you on Twitter and ask them to visit your link.

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Write Compelling Captions

When you share on social sites, writing “This article is awesome” and publishing won’t work. You have to pick two or three lines from the actual article and insert them on captions to catch followers attention. But be sure to make slight modifications to those lines to avoid Copyscape problems.

Be involved in communities:

Every social site has their own community for a particular topic such as circles in Google Plus, groups on facebook. Find communities that are related to your industry and share article there. You will get more reactions and followers from them.

Make Use of HashTags

Made famous by Twitter, hashtags increase reach and engagement if used properly without being annoying. Find good hashtags using tools such as Twitonomy, and RiteTag. Some pro tips include keeping them concise, short and relevant to the topic, not using more than 3 tags per post, capitalize first and important alphabets, and do not use them on bio.

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Connect with people:

Find contributors and influencers in your industry from facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on. Promote their content in your article and mention them through such social media sites by tagging them on the post you share. Also, you can email them and inform about the content. When you promote someone else’s brand or product on your blog, then actually you are promoting your own blog.

Note: Avoid publishing spam links. So what are spam links?

Links that are randomly posted online and appear too often that disturbs user experience by creating irritating messages that are unrelated to a topic are called spam links. They can also be false news or misleading information sites.

Social media companies hate when someone leaves their site and enters a new web page through them. So they simply block links that are published too often or that look like spam. However, publishing two or three links per day from one account won’t make it spam.

10. Use Big share Buttons:

At least add 3 social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter & Google+ below the main title and after the end of the content. You can use plugins such as Social Warfare or Mash Share for WordPress.

Add Share Triggers

They are CTA (Call-To-Action) methods that compel users to share your blog and make it viral. Usually, people end up saying “If you like this, please Share it” but that is not enough. Do not make your content self-centered. People should get a reason to talk about it. Add data, statistics and important facts on an article that psychologically encourages the visitor to share it. Also, using clean landing pages and avoiding too many ads builds a positive mindset for people to share your post.

Blog Directories :

Submit a URL of the blog to such directories that do not require a reciprocal link in return for their services. Some of those free quality blog directories are Blogarama, BlogFlux, Blogio and many more.

Grab Visitors from YouTube

Create a YouTube channel and publish cool videos related to your blog. Then add a link in the description and various CTA methods that YT supports such as messages that appear while watching a video. The most popular videos are how-to videos and you can drive a huge amount of traffic if you have a similar blog to take its advantage.

Use Infographics

It is an image that contains all necessary data, information, and facts about a particular subject. Infographics that has a solution, statistics, sources, and tells a unique story about trending, ever-green or controversial topics are highly shared. Place them on blog posts and generate an embed code that enables bloggers to place it in their sites to share with their followers. Be sure to include your homepage link in the image and embed code.

Comment on WordPress Blogs

A WordPress blog has a “Website URL” box in their comments section which allows a commentator to insert their link that opens when someone clicks on their name after the comment is published and visible on the blog. Find at most 10 authority WP hosted sites every day and leave a comment on them. Make sure that you read the entire article, criticize it and write something good or congratulate at the end to get it approved by the blog owner.

Show up on Google Search

Optimize articles for search engines so that they appear on the first page of google for a particular keyword.

Email Marketing

You can build an audience by collecting emails from visitors coming into your site, which is both free and paid method. MailChimp is one of those free software that you can use to build an email list without paying for it.

Whenever there are new ideas or plans for your blog, or just published a new article, you can use email marketing products to inform loyal followers about it. You can also set up automatic email replies for new subscribers including links to the blog, and adding social media share buttons while contacting your followers.

Use mp3 Files

Create a banner with a cool poster of your blog using any free image editor tool like PhotoShop, Paint, PicsArt, etc. Use big bold text formatting to insert site URL. To upload banners into music files, use window media players view file description option and manually insert by drag and drop photos into the thumbnail area.

Similarly, you can also edit music files description and tell the song listeners about your blog. Right-click on any mp3 file and select ‘Properties’. Then switch to the ‘Details’ tab where you can make changes or add more information about your blog.

The tricky part about this technique is to be creative and insert catchy banners and details. The task will be easier if your blog address is short and easy to remember.

Now it’s your turn. Which of these methods do you feel are intense and rare enough for free blog promotion online? Did you learn anything new from this article? Or do you want to suggest any extra additional tip to add here? Use the comments below to answer.

Max is a digital marketer and full time blogger who left his regular job to earn online. He is a gold medalist in boxing at national level from Nepal & loves to watch & analyze combat sports. He also has various skills in video editing & 3D animation using software like Houdini, Blender & Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Max Dai has 5 years of experience in blogging & he is also a part time YouTuber.


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