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How to register domain Free For Lifetime

how to get .np Domain

Are you a blogger and looking for a free domain? Then I have got some awesome news. We can register a .np domain free for lifetime. On this article, I will show you how to register a free domain. is a free domain extension provided to citizens of Nepal by Mercantile Communications. This domain registrar company is based on the capital city Kathmandu, Nepal.

I recommend you to buy a premium .com domain at cheap price from GoDaddy or NameCheap. If you still do not want to invest money on domain, then you can prefer getting this free domain.

If you want to become more professional but don’t have a MasterCard to buy domain then consider reading my article the complete process to buy a premium .com domain in Nepal (for Nepal users only).

As you can see, my old domain was (that redirects to now) once was in the past.

Benefits of custom domain

Before we move to our main tutorial, it is good to know why a TLD (Top Level Domain) is good for our blog. I have listed few benefits of a custom domain below:

1. Blog URL becomes short and easy to remember
2. Website looks more authoritative and powerful
3. Helps to build a brand online
4. Improves SEO

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The following things will be required in order to register free domain:

1. Any email account.
2. Scanned copy of Nepali citizenship certificate, driving licence or passport (Front side and back side).
3. Desktop computer (necessary)
4. Must be at least 18 years old.


Please note that I highly recommend you to read the terms and conditions properly before applying for domain.

How To Register Domain

Step 1:

Step 2:
Click on “” next to “Desired Domain Name” box and select “” from drop down list.

register .np domain 1

Step 3:
Enter your desired domain name in the box. If your domain name is available, a message will appear in blue highlighted box that says “Domain Available”. Double click on it and drag it to “Add Domain To Basket Block”.

domain available screenshot

You can do two things if a message appears that says “Domain Not Available” which means that the domain is already taken by someone else. First thing is that you can check whois information of that domain owner and find his contact information to appeal for that domain if he/she agrees with you. Secondly, you can find an alternative like using the short form of your real name or modifying your domain name.

Guidelines while selecting right domain name:

.NP is the national domain extension of Nepal. Not like other domain extensions (example .com, .net, etc.) you are not allowed to use any word or letters of your choice in the domain name.

There are some guidelines that you must follow while picking a legal domain which I have shortlisted below:

1. An individual can only use his real name as a domain for his/her personal use.

2. If your real name is too long then it can be shortened, eg. for a person named “Mayaprakash Pant”, he can register register a domain name “” or “Mayaprakash” can be further reduced to “mprakash”, however, the spelling remains same and no external characters are allowed. For example, if a person named “Hari Sankar” registers a domain name as “SankarHari” that might be valid but if he modifies domain as “HarrySankar”, then it will be invalid and rejected early.

You can read more about these guidelines here.

step 4:
Left click on your domain name and drag it to “Add Domain To Basket” box.

Add domain to basket.

step 5:
Fill the form with your correct personal information:
1. Choose your username for login: Enter a short and easy to remember username for your account. You will use this username to login to your account whenever you revisit.

2. UserEmail: Enter your email address in this box to verify that you are real but not a bot or machine. They may contact you in future using this email address.

3. Confirm Email: Input the same email address on this box.

Enter username and email .np domain registration

step 6:
Click on “Register” button after filling up every details correctly.

step 7:
heck inbox of that email address which you provided. You will find a new email from “Hostmaster – NPccTLD Reg. ” with a subject “New Domain Registration Request “. Click on “confirmation link” provided on that email.

step 8:
Once you open the confirmation link, another form will appear on your screen. Fill up the details as shown below and click “submit“:

1. First Name: Enter your real first name
2. Last Name: Enter your surname or cast
3. Password: Choose a strong password for your account.
4. Confirmpassword: Repeat the same password again

register domain 2

step 9:
You will be now redirected to login page. Fill the details as shown below and click “login“:
1. Username: Enter your username which you provided on step 5.
2. Password: Enter your password that you provided on step 8

Enter username and password

step 10:
After logging in, you will have to fill up a form and provide domain information.

1. Admin Name: Input your full name that is listed on your citizenship certificate
2. Admin Address: Enter permanent address according to your citizenship certificate
3. Admin Phone: Enter your phone number (maybe landline or wireless)
5. Admin Mobile No.: Enter your personal mobile number on this field.

Setup Admin Information .np domain

Click on “submit”

step 11:
Now you have to upload a copy of scanned citizenship certificate to verify. Follow these steps to upload:

1. Click on “select files”
2. Choose the proper citizenship certificate images which you want to upload.
3. Then click on “upload”
4. Wait until the images get fully uploaded.

Uploading images to .np domain

Note: Make sure to rename the file before uploading. It should be renamed as if you are uploading citizenship certificate or if you upload licence. Also, the picture should be uploaded in .jpg format. To convert picture in jpg format, you can open it on paint and save as .jpg file. Alternatively, you can use online converter tool for this.

step 12:
Fill up Name Server details as given below:
1. Primary Name Server:
2. Secondary Name Server:
3. Tertiary Name Server:

.np name servers

step 13:Click on “update”

Final Words:
In this way, registration of .np domain is done but it is not done immediately. The registrar company checks your personal information before completing. Generally, if you have provided correct information then you will receive an email within 48 hours. Once your domain is fully approved, you can connect your domain with Blogger. If you have any problems, post it in comments below.

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