Nepali Happy New Year 2078 BS [Best Wishes, Quotes, Status, & SMS]

Nepali new year Vikram samvat 2078 has arrived, and this is the last day of barsa 2076. As a token of love for my readers, I have prepared this ultimate collection of Happy New Year 2078 BS wishes, quotes, Facebook status, SMS, and much more.

Believe it or not, everyone waits for this moment of the year to get close to their loved ones. It provides an occasion for us to send warm greetings to all of our relatives, life partner, friends, and connections of all race, religion, caste, and gender.

We feel the joy, happiness, and enthusiasm with new hopes and expectations as the new year 2078 arrives. It’s different this year due to the circumstances the world is suffering. Let’s just forget the pain for one day and celebrate this happy new year 2078.

I know it’s a hard time for most of us this year, we can’t go out. Let’s stay at our homes and wish our family members and friends without getting despair, no matter how far we are from them. We are lucky that we can share our feelings due to the internet without going out of our house.

happy new year 2077 wishes quotes facebook status sms

Happy New Year 2078 Wishes

Below are some of the best and manually selected quotes, wishes, and status to kickstart the new year 2078 with your loved ones on a high spirit.

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Happy New Year 2078 Facebook Status & SMS

Status 1: By the first dawn of this new year, may all your sorrows, and griefs end bringing you the joyous of life with new achievement and success. Happy New Year, 2078.

Status 2: On this pleasant occasion,  I wish prosperity and delightful Happy New Year 2078 filled with love and luck to all the Nepalese countrymen, brothers, and sisters living abroad.

Status 3: May your present and future always shine. Luck will follow you and your family everywhere with my silent wishes.

Status 4: Yo, what’s up, dear? Eliminate your fear, have no tear, your dreams be bright, I want to say something in your ear: “Happy New Year 2078”.

Status 5: Happy New Year 2078 to all my respected gurus, friends, colleagues, and relatives.

Status 6: Wishing everyone an amazing and exciting Happy New Year 2078, thanks for making 2076 great.

Status 7: Last year was the preparation of growth and hope, may 2078 fulfil all your dreams and expectations.

Status 8: Let’s begin our new year with dreams, beauty, trust, faith, truth, imagination, freshness, and good health. Stay Home – Stay Safe.

Status 9: In this new year 2078, let’s give another chance to mother nature to heal the world. Also, get opportunities to forgive and forget our sins, provide more love, and do better.

Status 10: This new year may bring glow with the best happiness and cheer for you, family, and your friends. Happy New Year, 2078.

Happy New Year 2078 Wishes for Love

If you want to celebrate this eve with your love, close or long-distance relationship, I have prepared the following list of the best happy new year 2078 wishes for love:

  1. I feel the happiest and luckiest person alive when I find myself next to you. Have a blessed and cherish the new year 2078, my heartbeat.
  2. You are the most fantastic person I’ve met in my life. I hope you will never stop amazing me. Happy New Year, 2078 darling.
  3. Love is the only thing we never give and get enough. I need you foremost like the heartbeat to continue pumping blood in my veins, happy new year, honey.
  4. Be mine, and we will hold into life forever.
  5. I am fortunate enough to have you in my life. May our love life get more beautiful in 2078 like you.
  6. It’s a fantastic feeling when you hold my hand, you hold my life forever.
  7. I wish you, from the bottom of my heart, all the blessing and success for a lifetime that you genuinely deserve my friend.
  8. We have remained stable and held each other back through life’s every happy and tragic moment, and we will continue that in 2078 as well. Happy New Year, dear love.
  9. May good fortune, longevity, peace, and true happiness remain with you forever.
  10. There’s going to be one day when we both wake up but won’t have time to do what we can do now. So, enjoy this moment and blessed the new year 2078.

Happy New Year 2078 Quotes in English

Wishing you good health, happiness, and success in the coming year and always happy new year!

The new year lies ahead With books to be read and adventures to be led! May you find fulfilment and joy all year long!

Learn from your mistakes in the past so that you can avoid them in the new year!

Hold the smile!

Let the Tear Go!

Keep the laugh!

Lose the pain!

Look For Joy and

Abandon the fear!

Happy New Year, 2078.

May God bring peace all around and bring prosperity to everyone in this new year!

Season’s greetings and best wishes for a new year that fills your heart with joy.

Just like a new bloom spreads fragrance around, let the new year also fill you with happiness.

Wishing you a happy new year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

Happy New Year 2078 Wishes for sister

Dear sister, the bells do chime and its new years. So a message of peace, hope, and happiness to you may they bring, after all the fun we had, this year 2078 is for you and more to come.

You have always been the dearest, wiser, warm-hearted, confidante, and elder to me. Happy New Year 2078 to my dearest sister.

You are the taller and fun to be around when I’m sad and alone. Please enjoy this new year 2078 with success tool brighter than ever without any fear and makes us glad once again.

To the best sister who was there for me to listen to me and teach me valuable lessons, thank you so much and Happy New Year 2078.

On this new day of Baishakh, I want to thank god for granting me a treasure beyond measure and the most pleasant gift of a sister. Have the fabulous new year 2078.

Happy New Year 2078 Quotes & Wishes in Nepali

नयाँ वर्ष २०७७ को हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना।

फलोस्-फुलोस् सुनझै चम्कियोस तपाइको जीवन, यहि छ मेरो नववर्ष २०७७ को शुभकामना यहाँहरु लाई।

मन भरिका इच्छा अनि तृष्णा
सजाएका कल्पना अनि सपना
अपुष्ट अनि गुम्सिएका चाहना
सफलता चुमुन बनेर सबै बिपना
यहि नै छ मेरो तिमीलाई
नव वर्ष २०७७ को शुभकामना।

यसपालीको नव वर्ष २०७७ को अवसरमा सबैलाई हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना।

And upon request, these are some of the original lines written by my dear friend Jagmohan Lekhak:

Verse: तारा‌ जति चम्किए पनि, भिडमा एउटा हराउदो रहेछ,
बर्ष जति नयाँ आए पनि, मनको तिर्खा नमेटिदो रहेछ ।
सुगन्ध राम्र जंगल को फूल को नि हुन्छ,
तर सुवास छर्ने घरकै हुदो रहेछ ।

Happy New Year 2078 Shayari

Ahmm…. Ahmm…. Aarz Kiya he….

Shayari 1: Bite saal ko bida kuch iss kadar karte hain.. Jo nhi kiya abb tak wo v kar gujarte hain…. naya saal aane ki khusiya toh sab manate hain… chalo hum iss beetay saal ki yaadon ka jashn manate hain..

Shayari 2: Iss rishtey ko yu hee banaye rakhna,

dil main yadon k chirag jalaye rakhna,

bahut pyara saal raha 2076 ka,

bas aisa he saath 2078 main v banaye rakhna! Happy New Year 2078

Shayari 3: Kisi Mode par par tera didar ho jaye,

kash tujhe mujh par aitbaar ho jaye,

teri palke jhuke aur ikraar ho jaye,

kaas naye saal par tujhe v mujhse pyar ho jaye

Sayari 4: Harr saal aata he,

harr saal jata he,

iss saal aap ko wo sab milay,

jo aap ka dil chahta he…. Naba barsa 2078 ki mangal subhakamana

Sayari 5: Khusi se dil ko aabad karna,

aur gam ko dil se aazad karna,

Naye saal pr aap se bas itni guzaris he,

ki din main ek baar – humay v yaad karna.

Sayari 6: Aap jaha jaye wahe se kare ‘fly all tears’,

Sabb logg aap ko hee maane appna ‘Dear’,

Aap ki harr raah ho ‘Always Clear’,

Ek solid jhakkas wali aapko 2078 saal ki Happy New Year.

Sayari 7: Naya sawera nayi kiran k sath,

naya dinn ek pyari sii muskan k sath,

aap ko naya saal mubarak ho,

bahu sari duwaon k saath.

Sayari 8: Aap ki dosti humay iss kadar pyari he,

jiss tarah binn pani ki machli bechari he….

Aab aur na kuch khwais he…

bass aap har saal hum se juday rahe,

yehi aap se gujaris he

Sayari 9: Aap se milne kar rha he, mann ko samjhaya toh dil kahh rha he…

dil ko bataya toh aankhe roo padi, unn hee chup kayara toh saanse bol padi…. Happy New year 2078.

Sayari 10: Jab v sochu tujhe, dard apna bada leta hu…. fir har sal ka naya sooraj dekh k muskura leta hu.. naya saal mubarak ho

Bonus sayari: Ho puri dil ki khwahis aap ki, milay khusiyon ka jahan sara….
aap maange ek taara, khuda de de, jahan saara

Final Words: Chaitra 30 is the last of the Nepali calendar and the next day is Vaishakh 1 (naya barsha). Nepalese living around the world celebrate this day with auro and sending pleasant surprises, gifts and wishes.

I hope that you enjoyed this list of best happy new year 2078 wishes, quotes, sms and shayari in Nepali and Hindi, as it is celebrated in India as well.

Now, it’s your turn. If you want to submit any of your own shayari, gazal or quote, you can use the comment box below.

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