How Do You Get in NXT or WWE (Pro Wrestling)

How Do You Get in NXT or WWE (Pro Wrestling)

Today I am writing an off topic Article about how to join NXT or WWE as a performer. As you already know that I am huge fan of combat sports and I like to analyze the fights. So I am sharing ideal Information today that will help you to become WWE Superstar if you are already living in dreams.

The Truth

I’ve never been to NXT or WWE, that’s a dream for everyone who’s wrestling for living on this planet. I have no idea how to get into Vince McMahon’s head, but I have some suggestions for you.

Now you might think why should we trust this guy. Trust me because although I have never fought a Wrestling match, I have made hundreds of friends who are Wrestling on independent circuit. I am just sharing what they told me about WWE & NXT. I am also an amateur boxer on my own rights. I know the feeling of real fighting vs scripted Wrestling matches.

Are you a pro wrestler?
Yes, then good. No, then join wrestling school. You will get skills and necessary certificates from there. All theses crap things like “How to become pro wrestler without school?” will not work for you to get into WWE or NXT unless you are a big celebrity. I know the feeling is bad but that’s the truth. I also wanted to become WWE Superstar but money ruined my dreams. But I’m a real life fighter & I stick to boxing, the most expensive sport in the world.

Alright, I’m a pro wrestler. What’s next for me?

Just posting on social media like facebook that you are a wrestler and want to be contacted by a booker from NXT won’t work. You have to go out and explore with new promotions every week. Just don’t hang up with small promotion for a long time. You will need to increase your popularity.

For that find contact info or social media details of a high profile wrestler or booker like Kenny Bolin, Ethan Hernandez Diaz, etc. These guys are trainers, performers & bookers as well. Start making relationship with them and ask them for job. Upload dozens of wrestling videos involving you in social media like YouTube or Instagram where audience is not limited. Travel every part of the world and let the fans know that you exist.

To get in the eyes of WWE, you will need to sign and work with top wrestling promotions in the world for at least 5 years. Such promotions are Ring Of Honor (ROH), Lucha Underground, Global Force Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Don’t compare yourself with Roman Reigns who got his first pro wrestling match in NXT because you don’t have a cousin like The Rock which Roman has.

Work with these wrestling promotions for a long time and make a name outside WWE. But I don’t recommend you to sign a long time deal like working for 10 or 20 years because things might change in future & you might want to move on. The most common names who got job in WWE using this formula are Drew McIntyre, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Sami Zayn, Bobby Roode, The Club and much more.

Keep this in mind, you will need to develop relationships with people concerned with WWE and you must be extremely popular like people commenting on social media your name “We want [name] in NXT” because you will have that potential to sell merchandise and increase ratings for WWE. And also keep in mind, you must have at least 5 years experience, extraordinary physique and skills to make it to WWE.

You can send your resume to WWE here.

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