How to get my wife to lose weight

How to get my wife to lose weight ? (3 Proven Tips)

How to get my wife to lose weight? That’s one of the commonly asked questions by men today. Asking your wife to lose pounds could be embarrassing for her. It could bring tension in your relationship or you might get separated if things get worse. So how to deal with that & get her lose weight without hurting her feelings? Keep reading…

You could have the most beautiful wife in the world that dazzles your heart with her charming looks. But if there is so much fat in her body, she won’t look attractive. Without proper motivation, there is a very little chance that she becomes ready to lose weight without feeling obnoxious.

We are going to talk about motivating our wives here for a change. So if you want to inspire your partner & want to take her to lose weight, you will love the wonderful tips in this lesson. And if you are stressed for getting in trouble then don’t worry. The tips mentioned in this article will help you and your wife get into the right track.

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How to Get My Wife to Lose Weight?

Every man considers his wife as the prettiest woman he has ever met. But imagine if she gets a huge belly and body size shortly after marriage. So below are your answers for how to get my wife to lose weight?

Tip #1: Talk about Health

Instead of yelling: “Hey! The belly fat in your body makes you look skinny. Go & lose some weight.” You can sit down & talk about the importance of her health & fitness for longevity. As a husband, you have every right to tell her that how physically active and healthy lifestyle will keep her away from various diseases. Be gentle in your words such that it would reflect your care, love & concern regarding her health. Tell her that you are worried about her health during the conversation.

What you should avoid during any conversation is use of nasty & judgmental language that easily hurts her. For example, don’t you ever say that if she still isn’t full while eating? Avoid words like “Don’t eat that.” & so on.

Quick Notes That You Can Tell Her: Huge amount of fat in the body may cause frustration during work, diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, sleep apnea, etc.

Tip #2: Be Involved

You are not just sitting there & giving lectures to your wife about how health & fitness can make life better. You should show an example out of it, without bullying or showing off. You should be involved in it too & help her achieve fitness goals.

If she wakes up early in the morning for jogging, you should wake up early too & give her company in running or jogging. Go to gym or fitness classes together & exercise with her. Hold her hands while walking in the park or anywhere. It will keep her motivated & creates a bond between both you. She will finally realize your efforts.

In case if your wife is different than others & very emotional, you can take things on your own. Tell her that you want to lose your weight instead of her & need her help to gain fitness. You want her to support you during the training. Then you can take her out with you for physical exercises.

Bonus Health Tip: If you want to stay fit, it is recommended to jog or run only 2-3 times a week, not every single day. A scientific study by Birmingham University says, too much endurance training is completely useless if you are trying to stay active. It could adversely affect your health as it pushes body to the limits. Too much running every single day for fitness may also cause heart problems by decreasing blood circulation. So, unless you are a sports person like a footballer, boxer or mixed martial artist, light & moderate jogging is good for fitness.

Tip #3: Be a helping hand

The most common reasons why wives don’t go for a fitness class or gym is that they are already tired with their daily routine. They have to go for cooking, shopping, wash clothes, clean dishes, house and every other household work. They don’t want to wake up for physical training at 4 am or 5 am because their body needs rest. They could be in depression or stress. Our wives are not machines. We need to understand that.

Did you know that depression or stress could lead a woman to overeating, constipation & oversleeping? So to make life easier and healthier, you have to be a helping hand for her. I’m not talking about leaving your office during work to help your wife. That is not the point. Whenever you are free at home, help her in the kitchen, garden, clean the house, bring stuffs from market & make her feel relax with the body.

There is also another advantage if you go to supermarket yourself to buy kitchen products. You can take control over the calories your family takes according to their fitness level. Your wife could put any fatty or unhealthy ingredients as she might not know while cooking. Unless you are an expert chef, it will be very difficult to identify the ingredients when the dish is placed on table. So if you go to supermarket yourself, it will give you an idea about the calories you eat. You can take help from different articles online that explain what to eat & what not to.

Final Words

If your wife has any health problems or disease, it is good to consult a doctor before performing any physical exercises. Also check that if she has any depression or stress symptoms like sad or tired face, lack of interest in sexual activities, not having a sound sleep, low on energy, headache, tension, pain in body and joints, etc. I hope these tips will help you answer: “how to get my wife to lose weight?” If you have any questions or feedbacks, feel free to write them on comments below. Also, I wish you a very happy new year 2019 from the author side. Stay healthy, stay fit, keep your environment clean & keep visiting .

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