Guide: How To Make Fallout 3 Work on Windows 10 (Step By Step)

Are you trying to play Fallout 3 but facing issues? Don’t worry, this article will help you to make fallout 3 work on windows 10 step by step. There are many solutions but you will only find most important of them here that work. This is a simple procedural guide that I use to play one of the popular game, then and now, called Fallout 3. It is an arcade role-playing game developed for PS3 in 2008. As it was initially made for Windows 7 and older versions, it crashes when someone tries to play on windows 10. The key reason for this is that Fallout 3 is not compatible with windows 10.


Fallout 3 has proven to be a major league for gamers even after a decade in 2018. It recently got an update on May along with its Las Vegas version. Despite the game is being loved day by day, gamers playing on the latest update of Windows 10 are being unable to play. That’s a serious problem and below you will find the best solutions for it. Solving Fallout 3 issue in Windows 10 is easy. The steps mentioned below will make Fallout 3 work on windows 10.


But before going ahead, it is important to backup fallout 3 to recover from loss or damage, if any occurs. So if you have already installed Fallout 3 in your computer then navigate to ‘This PC >> Local Disk C >> Program Files (x86) >> Steam >> apps >> common >> Fallout 3 GOTY‘. Select all those files present in that folder by pressing hotkey ‘CTRL + A’ & then copy by press ‘CTRL + C’ in your keyboard. Now go to desktop and create a new folder named ‘Fallout 3’. Paste all those copied files on this location by pressing ‘CTRL + V’ on the keyboard.


Similarly, you would also want to check these other issues with windows 10 and see if you can solve them:

How to make fallout 3 work on windows 10

Solve Compatibility issues

People often receive a message: “This app might not work correctly, Fallout 3 isn’t compatible with this version of windows”. That is most likely because of misconfigured compatibility settings.


If you are facing such Fallout 3 issues, you will need to fix its properties.

  1. Open the folder in desktop named ‘fallout3’.
  2. Navigate to ‘FalloutLauncher‘ and right click on it.
  3. Click on ‘Properties’ and switch to ‘compatibility’ tab.
  4. Tick on the checkbox located to the left ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for‘.
  5. Select ‘Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)’ from the drop-down list.
  6. Also, check on ‘Run this program as an administrator‘ box.
  7. Finally, click on ‘Apply’ and then ‘ok’.

Again, you have to repeat the exact same process for two more files:

  1. Right click on ‘Fallout3.exe‘ icon this time and go to its properties.
  2. Go to the ‘Compatibility’ tab.
  3. Enable the compatibility mode to ‘Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)‘.
  4. Also, make it run as administrator as given on step number 6 above.
  5. Click on apply and close the window by pressing ‘ok’.

Similarly, right click on ‘Fallout 3 – Guardians of the eating kit‘ and open its properties. In the compatibility tab, change its version to ‘Windows Vista (Service Pack 2). Perform every step that you did on previous files and save the settings.

Install Games For Windows Live Software

This is one of the common solutions to play fallout 3 on window 10. Even if you change the properties as mentioned above, the game might still not work. To fix that, you will have to perform the following quick steps:

  1. Download GFW Live Software.
  2. Single click on the downloaded setup files and install the application (for Chrome users). Other browsers, go to downloads folder in ‘This PC’ where you will find the installer.
  3. Once setup is complete, turn on the internet and open the app. It will automatically download necessary files for Fallout 3.
  4. When above step #3 is finished, close the program and launch Fallout 3. It will start working.

Modify falloutprefs.ini file

After you’ve performed above steps and still fallout 3 failed to run Windows 10, you will need to modify its falloutprefs.ini file. Here is how:

  1. Open the directory Documents >> Games >> Fallout 3.
  2. Find the falloutprefs.ini file and right click on it.
  3. Navigate to ‘Open With’ and select ‘Notepad’.
  4. Press the hotkey ‘CTRL + F‘ and search for: bUseThreadedAI=0
  5. In notepad editor, change the value of bUseThreadedAI=0 to bUseThreadedAI=1.
  6. If you cannot find the respective code, set your cursor at the end of the document and press enter key.
  7. Copy bUseThreadedAI=1 from here and paste it at the end of the falloutprefs.ini file.
  8. Finally, save the file and open fallout 3.

Final Words

In this way, you can make Fallout 3 work on windows 10. Is your problem solved now or are you still facing problems with Fallout 3? Kindly leave a comment below and let the other visitors know whether this worked for you or now. Also, you can check other useful information posted on our website as well.

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