How To Add hreflang Tags in WordPress & Blogger Properly (2019)

When I started blogging back in 2014, I desperately wanted people to read my blog. I shared everywhere on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, Instagram wasn’t much popular then. Despite my best efforts, I barely got 40-50 page views. As time passed by, I realized how much traffic is missing out just due to lack of hreflang tags in my blog.

From the bottom of my heart, I encourage you to use language tags because they make the ranking process much easier. According to Moz (SEO company), hreflang tags tell Google about the specific language that you’re targeting.

People have a confusion that: do hreflang tags still work in 2018? – Undoubtfully Yes. At some point, they are good for multilingual sites or blogs that target a specific geographical reason to redirect the audience to a proper version of the webpage.

What are Hreflang Tags?

Introduced by Google, the ‘hreflang tags’ or ‘language tags’ are HTML codes that allow any website to be indexed for a particular language or geodetic location. It tells the search engine about the language used on pages so that visitors searching results in that criteria can easily discover the proper website.

For example, if a website has content provided on specific language such as French, Spanish, Nepali, etc. then hreflang tags will boost its ranking for people who search a particular topic in that language or who live in that native country.

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Language tags help you to reach geo-targeted audience within a territory or region. They can cause a version of website rank higher by defeating a few other SEO ranking factors. However, if your content s*cks, there’s nothing much we can do about it.

How To Add Language Tags in Blogger?

Hreflang tags can be placed inside blogger template anywhere between <head> and </head> tags.

Here are quick steps to find the header code:

  1. First of all open Blogger dashboard.
  2. Navigate to themes & click on “edit html” button.
    edit html of blogger theme
  3. There you can find the header tag. YOu have to paste the hrflang tag just below it & then save your theme. Check the screenshot below and continue reading.
    save theme on blogger

A sample of hreflang tag for a blog written in the English language is given below:

<link rel="alternate" hreflang="en" href="">

To target a specific region or country, use a similar tag as below (for the United States):

<link rel="alternate" hreflang="en-us" href="" >

To target audience living in the United Kingdom that speaks English, the following tag is appropriate:

<link rel="alternate" hreflang="en-uk" href="" >

Similarly, if the language of your blog is written in Nepali then you should use the following tag to target Nepali audience:

<link rel="alternate" hreflang="np" href="" />

Note: Replace with the URL of your website in above examples and paste the code between <head> and </head> tag on your blogger template.

How To Add Hreflang Tags in WordPress?

To add hreflang tags in WordPress, you will need to edit header.php file inside the theme folder. We can do it with the help of an FTP client or by going into Appearance >> Editor inside WordPress dashboard.

But I don’t recommend you to do it. If you edit header.php file and update the theme, changes will disappear. Even if you use a child theme, the misplaced code can break your site.

The correct method to add hreflang tags in WordPress is by using a plugin called “Header and Footer”. It is also used to add other codes like GA verification tag without crashing the website. In your WP dashboard, go to setting >> Insert Headers and Footers. There you’ll find two boxes, paste the hreflang tag code inside “scripts in header” box and save it.

In this way, you can add hreflang tags in WordPress & Blogger. Hope you find this information helpful. Let me know if you have any problems with this using comments below. Happy blogging.

Max is a digital marketer and full time blogger who left his regular job to earn online. He is a gold medalist in boxing at national level from Nepal & loves to watch & analyze combat sports. He also has various skills in video editing & 3D animation using software like Houdini, Blender & Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Max Dai has 5 years of experience in blogging & he is also a part time YouTuber.


  1. Nilima says:

    Please tell me what to write,
    I am Indian and my blog is in English.
    And where to paste that code in blogger?? Where is template option ??

    • Max Dai says:

      Hello Nilima.

      First of all, thank you for leaving a comment on

      Please Navigate to Theme >> Edit Html in your blogger dashboard.

      Then find the code code from the list of different html codes. After you do that, paste any of the code below it which is given in above article.

      At last click on “Save Theme” & you are good to go.

      By the way, I have also update this article with screenshots that you can check above.

  2. Nilima says:

    I have followed all your steps, but it is still showing in Google search console ( international targeting) ” no hreflang tag for your blog ”

    What should i do now

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