Importance of Niche: Why Is it compulsory?

Obviously, you will need a niche. People’s life is so pathetic that they watch other people’s lifestyle on YouTube in the form of video blogs aka vlogs. But that’s something multimedia. People enjoy watching the video.

But if it is in text format, no one will show interest in it because people are becoming lazier day by day. They don’t even want to work and become a millionaire in a single night. We know, that is not possible, is it?

So, the same thing applies with weblogs these days. They don’t want to scroll down and read every single line to know what’s going into your life. They want to see it in video format as vlogs.

That is why personal blogs are getting less reach these days. And the internet cost is getting cheaper in every part of the world, attracting mobile users towards video content.

So what does this has to do with the actual question?

Simple, if you want to make a profit, don’t mix things up and give Google hints that the blog is about a particular topic. Google still and will continue to show text-based web pages on the search result for the next decade, if not shut down.

And if you do niche research and write for a particular topic only, it will give a reason for people to visit your website and also rank on the first page of Google. Mixed content doesn’t attract anything at all.

Max is a digital marketer and full time blogger who left his regular job to earn online. He is a gold medalist in boxing at national level from Nepal & loves to watch & analyze combat sports. He also has various skills in video editing & 3D animation using software like Houdini, Blender & Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Max Dai has 5 years of experience in blogging & he is also a part time YouTuber.

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