How To Get A Gamer Girl To Like You

How To Get A Gamer Girl To Like You

Do you want a partner who is interested in gaming? Learn how to get a gamer girl to like you without being weird or performing any tricks. You will get a concept to impress a gamer girl once you read this article throughly.

First of all, you need to be aware that many gamer girls are having difficulties online. They are having hard times to protect their privacy, identity and personal life. They avoid getting a date through games and it’s a tough challenge for them. They receive a lot of texts and requests from different males that do the exact same thing. Don’t be a boring old idea mixed up guy.

How to get a gamer girl to like you

The best place to meet a gamer girl

Girls do not like graphic violence games like PUBG or similar. There are only rare chances that they play a hardcore fighting game. The more chances to find a gamer girl are to attend a local video game parlor or gamestore.

But the chances could also be low. I used to attend such cafes few years ago and used to find only 2 or 3 teen girls. They were around 15 or 16 years old. That’s too young age to think about dating because teens are not mentally well developed. It’s a good idea to search in video game parlors for adults but never ignore that. There are still chances.

My experience says, girls also play card games like Teen Patti. The Indian 3 Patti on android is a very popular game where a lot of hot chicks play online. The problem is that they change the table and you lose a chance of having a conversation with them.

Also, if she is playing blind and you are not, she will get offended and leave the table right at the moment. And there are two popular Teen Patti game, Octro and Gold. I like 3 Patti Gold more than Octro because you can actually send a friend request.

One thing you need to remember is that, girls love flirting. She wants you to flirt with her. But there is a difference between flirting and eve teasing. When you both are alone and flirt with one another, there’s no problem with that. A girl doesn’t likes get flirt before a gang of boys. Never ever do that. It will create your bad image in her eyes and she will try to escape from you. I would like to describe that as eve teasing. So flirting is not a problem if both parties are okay with it but avoid eve teasing. You don’t want to be ignored or sidelined, do ya?

So if you are playing teen Patti, there could be four or five more people playing with you at the same time. If you text anything, every single player will be able to see it. So, be careful and don’t embarrass yourself by texting something stupid.

You can also find gamer girls at educational institutions or organization. Find a place where technology related subjects are being taught. For example, school, colleges, etc. that enroll programming or software development courses. Dating sites are other good sources to find any gamer girl of your choice.

Why you should date a gamer girl?

A gamer girl has that personality which every person searches in his partner. You won’t be trapped in rules and obligations if you date a gamer girl. She knows the value of freedom and spare time. Their creative mind is outstanding. To win a game, you need to a big brain and that’s what a gamer girl usually possesses. She can apply that gaming creativity in real life as well.

Such girls love talents, technology and games. They have good focus, memory power and sense of humor. Their fantasy and imagination is so unique that you will never be bored. She won’t be jealous if you make friends with other people. But if you don’t buy a latest video game, then she might be angry.

They won’t ask you for money either because they are happy with what they have. They are busy in playing video games, a plus point in my side. They won’t often ask for a world tour or honeymoon in Paris. They are always fighting in real life with never give up attitude. Like in video games, you will get a lot of support from her. Gamer girls will dig deep and down to help you overcome a trouble.

You will also have the best and latest gadgets in your home. So these were some of the common reasons why you should date a gamer girl. I want to know if you agree with them. Also, if you have few other reasons for searching a gamer girl, you can tell us in comments below.

Challenges to impress a gamer girl

Although gamer girls have a lot of qualities, it is always challenging to impress her. The biggest fear we ignore is that not caring about her crush. She might already have faith in someone whom you’ve never met. To solve this, you will have to maintain a gaming partnership with her for a long time.

Getting close and helping too often is also a challenge. A gamer girl knows what your intensions are and thus she will try to avoid or get away from you.

Keep In Mind

Gamer girls are normal human beings like us. So treat them like you do with other people around you. But that does not means that you are going to admit whatever she does is good. You should always try to talk about dating or going on a walk. Start with a coffee. If she agrees, then okay. If not, move on and don’t irritate her.

You should often keep playing MMO games with her as strong teammate. To keep the flow going, she doesn’t needs your help. The bottom line is, she wants to beat the game herself. Don’t try to take it away from her or else you will lose her. Sometimes she might even beat you in the game and it is not shameful unless she realizes that you lost on purpose. She’d kick you out if she knows that.

Be open and make her ready to meet your parents. She should feel comfortable sharing her experiences and joys with you. Don’t be a weird playable character that has only one lives left in the game. Keep switching roles and sometimes give her the leadership, like the way you do it in Clash of Clans. It is still a very popular MMO android game in 2018.

You don’t want to end your gaming relationship inside the game only. Make it social and ask her Facebook, Snapchat, or other accounts ids to meet her outside the game. Your ultimate goal is not to end up as a gaming teammate but as a boyfriend.

There are many dating apps like Tinder (the most popular one) that you can use to filter searches by interest. You can find a girl interested in Gaming through such apps. When you are in social media and talking to a girl, don’t feel shy or hesitated. She’s not going to eat you up if you ask about the latest trending multiplayer games. You can take one step further and ask for a dinner at the right moment.

You need to keep in mind that transparency and positive attitude always helps. If are buy too much premium stuffs for her, she will feel like living under your shadows. And there are also chances that you will end being used up if she takes advantage of that. You will lose that money invested in buying premium stuffs for her in the game.


It’s the behavior and attitude that makes a gamer girl like you. You should be able to understand the girl and take it beyond gaming. While you are playing with her online, she cannot see your face. She can only read the text messages or an audio voice. So if you want her to like you, you will need to invite her outside the game and increase the conversation.

Now that is not the end. There are a lot of things to take care of when you invite a gamer girl inside your house or go out for a coffee or dinner. We will talk all out that in my upcoming articles. But for now, this is the end and I hope you liked reading how to get a gamer girl to like you. If you have anything else to say, please drop your thoughts on comments below.

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