Infolinks Review In Context Of Nepal (2017 Edition)

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Infolinks Review

infolinks review

Infolinks is an advertising ecpm network that pays for displaying ads on your website. It supports platform for both publishers to monetize website and advertisers to promote their online business.

On this review, we will provide knowledge about how infolinks works and pays you descent income.

Why newbies should choose infolinks?

Infolinks is the best high paying alternative for AdSense (a Google product that pays webmasters for displaying banner ads). It is completely different and easy to use as compared to Google AdSense.

Below are some of the benefits of monetizing your blog by infolinks than AdSense.

As stated in Google AdSense terms and condition, a new website must be at least 6 months old to monetize. Due to its strict rules and regulation, webmasters from Asian countries like Nepal and India have hard times to get approved by AdSense. Even bloggers do their best to get approved by AdSense, it does not guarantees you any income (although there are many success stories if worked hard).

That’s when Infolinks saves your day. It is a different scenario of paying machine that 100% guarantees you income online. It doesn’t have any strict rules and regulations like AdSense does. Any website that has few content can be easily approved by infolinks even if it is less than one month old.  That’s a big relief for those who are looking for alternatives of AdSense.

How does infolinks pays?

Infolinks pays you for displaying intext ads on your website. When anyone hovers or drags their mouse cursor around ads, you will get paid.

Here is an screenshot of my earning from infolinks earning reports in beginning days:

infolinks earning report

I calculated from above screenshot and came to a conclusion that only amount of ad views matters for infolinks users. You will be paid for each time a user interacts with ads. Page views have nothing to do with earnings.

In 5th row (see screenshot), I was paid $0.07 for 81 Adviews, an estimated 1158 AdViews are required to make $1 through infolinks. But in 3rd row, I was paid $0.05 for 92 AdViews, i.e. 1840 (approx.) adviews are needed to earn $1. There is so much difference in earning between 5th and 3rd row in above screenshot. Sometimes less adviews pays you more and sometimes more adviews pays you less.

The reason for this is due to CPC and CPV based ads. Cost Per Click – means you will generate more revenue when a visitor clicks ads on your site and CPV Cost Per View means you are paid for showing ads . Infolinks have ups and downs in earnings report because if the ad was viewed countries that have high ecpm rate (like American) nations then you will be paid more while AdViews from Asian countries pays less. My friend from India makes around $4 to $7 because he is able to attract visitors from USA and European nations with high ecpm rate.

What is the minimum cashout threshold and payment options?

Minimum cashout depends upon the different method of payments that infolinks supports. If you are willing to get paid via Direct Bank Wire Transfer, then minimum $100 earning is required. For other payment methods (Paypal, Payoneer, ACH & echeck) a minimum earning of $50 is necessary.

Which payment method is best for Nepal?

In my personal opinion, payoneer MasterCard is best method of payment in Nepal. I want to tell you few things about this MasterCard. Payoneer is a free MasterCard that will be shipped (delivered) to your home address free of cost. You will be charged $0 as delivery charges. Plus you will also receive fund $25 as bonus (benefit) if you order it using any referral link. There is no sign up cost required. This mastercard can be used in any type of ATM machines.

Why did infolinks rejected my application?

Today I received a message from someone on my Facebook who was saying that his application got rejected by infolinks. He was asking me reasons for this. Let me help you understand why.

As far as I know about this, Infolinks does not have any criteria like how big or small the website is, amount of page views required and number of posts. Despite of that, infolinks team have rights to reject applications of websites that are negative in their opinions. That includes topics in your website and domain that are conflicting. That may be the reason why your application might be disapproved but if you avoid such things, there are 99% chances existing that your blogwill be approved.

Final Words:
If you still want to earn money from Infolinks, then click here and sign up now.

If you face any problems, I will be happy to fix those for you. Just write it down on comments below.

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  1. Yasar Ali

    Thanks man for such an amazing review.
    I’ve been using InfoLinks & it’s one of the best ads networks I ever earned lots of money.

  2. Dheeraj Singh

    Your Articles are always great!!

    I’ve been using ads on my site and the RPM was $2. I was totally impressed with this ad network but after few days RPM decreased to $0 & still it’s zero only.

    After reading this Article, I will definitely try infolinks. Thanks for sharing such a great article with its awesome review.

    • Max Dai
      Mayaprakash Pant

      Hey Dheeraj, I am glad that you find this helpful. With higher traffic you can get higher revenue. Thanks for your kind words. Keep visiting Advanced Blog for the latest blogging tip.

      Reply (in reply to Dheeraj Singh)
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