Make Android Faster Fixing These 8 Technical Issues

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make android faster

There are certain features that we can outreach to enhance performance and make android faster. This article is focused on making android faster by fixing some common issues.

As you keep using android for a longer period, it starts to slow down. The common reason for this is due to low disk space and RAM. 

 Let’s learn how to overcome such problems and make our android load quicker at more speed.

How to make android faster

1. Adjust Animation Settings
When you press menu or any other buttons, some kind of animations appear that make android load slow. Therefore, we must turn it off to speed up our phone.

First of all, enable ‘Developer Options’ by opening Settings & go to “About Phone.” Find and tap on “Build Number” 5 to 10 times until “You are now a developer” appears.

Again visit settings & locate to “Developer Options”. Then tap on “Transition Animation Scale” and choose “Animation Off”.

Transition Animation Scale

Similarly turn off Window Animator Scale and Animator Duration Scale to maximize the effects and speed up phone.

2. Use High Capacity Memory Card

Memory cards add storage space when internal space is low. Use a memory card with 8 GB to 32 GB storage because it boosts phone and increases its speed. Better save every data (including app data) on external storage as it keeps internal memory free as a result protecting from over lag of device.

3. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps
Apps store more cache in your phone as they run in the background and make memory full. Uninstall apps which you no longer use to free up some memory.

Go to settings >> Apps and tap on Downloaded Apps. Here you can discover and remove unnecessary apps installed in your phone one by one.

You can tap on “All” tab under Apps in settings to discover system apps that consume more memory. You don’t have permissions to remove such apps. Therefore, try to root your phone to remove such apps. Alternately, you can also Disable them if you don’t want to root your phone.

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4. Update Android Version
As the company releases new updates, there are many improvements and bug fixes that can help to speed up and boost device performance. Go to Settings >> About Device >> Update to check if there are new releases for your android firmware. Rooted phones cannot be updated. So make sure to remove it.

5. Do not exploit Home Screen
If you use live wallpapers or video wallpapers then replace them with a simple image. Similarly, unused icons and widgets should also be removed from Home screen. Most default launchers load apps slow. Therefore try a different launcher from third party developers.

6. Use an antivirus
As you already know that viruses duplicate content and create multiple copies of the same file to infect our device. They make android slow and must be removed. Therefore install an antivirus on your phone.

7. Remove unnecessary files
If you have recently uninstalled an app, then it may leave some raw files on your phone. Such files are stored in “Android” folder and should be deleted immediately but be sure to confirm before deleting because you may also remove other app’s data as well.

There are hidden files stored on your device. If your phone is rooted, then you can discover and remove them using “ ES File Explorer” app by enabling the “Root Explorer” feature.

Similarly, there are some images, music, and videos on your phone that are old and unused. Check and remove them manually to free up some space.

8. Reset Phone
This is an old trick. Performing “Factory Reset” of the phone will clear away hidden junk and partition cache files. It is good to reset your phone in every 3 months.

Go to settings >> backup & reset >> factory data reset to perform this task. Make sure that you backup apps, contacts, messages, images, etc. on external SD card before resetting your device to recover data. Also, remove sim card and memory card before resetting your phone.

Final Words

As long as you focus on these 8 tips, you can make android run smoothly for a longer period.

What are your thoughts on this? Have I missed any other useful trick? Let me know in comments below.

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