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Payoneer Review: Order Free International Mastercard Online

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Payoneer is a free Mastercard that allows online transfer of money internationally. The cost of registering the card in your name and delivering it to your home is completely free. It is widely used as an alternative to PayPal in most countries.

How do Payoneer works?

Payoneer offers you a bank account in European Union and United States to store money. Whenever you want to receive payments from US or EU, you can provide the bank details found in your Payoneer account and cash out using the card.

Payoneer is a great method to receive payment from websites that help bloggers and freelancers earn online in Nepal and worldwide. It will also help you save tax involved in currency conversion.

Is Payoneer MasterCard Free?

Yes, it is 100% free. You will not be charged for signing up. Shipping or delivery at home is also done for free of cost but in some cases in rural areas, you might have to visit the post office to get the card when it arrives at your area. However, you might have to pay yearly maintenance cost and international taxes once the card is activated which is very high.

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How can I obtain Payoneer?

It is easy to obtain Payoneer MasterCard. You should visit its website and sign up.

And what about the $25 bonus?

You will receive $25 bonus on your prepaid MasterCard when you sign up using a referral link and use it to make your first $100 transactions. That means you will be paid $25 bonus only if you sign up using the link given below instead of directly visiting the homepage of their official website. You should take advantage of this and order your MasterCard right now.

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