Top 10 Best Features Of PicsArt Photo Studio (Image Editing Tool)

Hello bloggers. In this post, I am going to illustrate concisely about the top 10 incredible features of PicsArt – a photo editing tool for Android.

PicsArt is a graphics editing as well as sketching software found on play store. It has a wide range of features varying from basic, such as crop, resize, to advanced features such as masking, motion blur and stretching.

This photo editor is downloaded by million users on Google Play Store and it considered to be one of the topmost graphics apps in android phone. Here I have explained the best ten features of PicsArt which makes it too much popular among Android users:

Top 10 Best Features Of PicsArt


Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, color correction, shadows, etc. can be easily adjusted and balanced using picsArt.

Motion Blur

It is the complex tool in picsArt. It is used for making images blur making pictures look like they are in a motion. For this effect, the certain part of the image to be blurred is selected and is stretched in linear form or free form.


You can add different amazing filters to photos. Light cross, dodger, retro, twilight, sunny, B&W, etc. are commonly available filters. Likewise, you can add lens, motion and zoom blur in photos. Similarly, Pop Art, artistic effects, paper effects, etc are unique filters that give images a vintage look.


In addition to editing photos, PicsArt enables us to create cool sketches too. It has inbuilt drawing facilities and tools such as brush, shapes (circle, rectangle, arrow, etc.), color, eraser, etc. to make the drawings more realistic. These tools can be used to create awesome Facebook covers, banners, logos for blogs, etc.


Masking feature enables you to add overlays to your photos. Different light effects, light flares, lens flare, borders, textures, artistic graphics such as stars, hearts, the universe, Xmas effect, etc. can be added. You can also download more similar effects from picsart store.


You can insert text with hundreds of different available fonts and styles in photos. You can also control the color of texts, shadow, stroke to add extra effects to alphabets.


You can crop an image in three ways using Picsart. First, the normal crop which means you can simply remove unnecessary parts of the picture, second the free crop i.e. remove parts by drawing boundary lines between start and end point and lastly the shape cropping allows cropping an image in the form of shapes such as the rectangle, circle, star, cone, etc. Such Cropped parts can be added to the Clip Art gallery.


Sketches or drawings created in Pics Art can be converted into video or GIF in the form of times lapse.

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Multiple Layers

While using sketch tool you can add multiple layers in the drawings. Such layers can be converted into a single layer to form a whole sketch. They can be transformed, copied, merged, etc. There are also blending effects such as multiply, lighten, darken, overlay etc. Likewise, the opacity of layer can be increased or decreased (Maximum 100% and minimum 0%).


Last but not least, it is the feature that enables you to combine two or more photos into a single canvas. Collage can be prepared in the form of a grid or frame. There are different types of layouts in grid mode whereas frames can be downloaded from PicsArt store to form a collage.

Final Words:
You can download the official Picsart app from Google Play Store (Direct Link). Alright bloggers, hope you enjoyed those 10 incredible features of Picsart. Please drop your comment below and don’t forget to share this article. Keep visiting for more similar articles.

Max is a digital marketer and full time blogger who left his regular job to earn online. He is a gold medalist in boxing at national level from Nepal & loves to watch & analyze combat sports. He also has various skills in video editing & 3D animation using software like Houdini, Blender & Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Max Dai has 5 years of experience in blogging & he is also a part time YouTuber.

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