Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Review, Features & Prices (2018)

Pinnacle Studio is heavy multi layer video editing software used for making professional clips and movies. This program can also be used for creating slideshow projects and audio mixing for singers and DJs. In this article, you will discover complete Pinnacle Studio ultimate review, prices and features at one place.

Features of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate (Review)

Multi Layer

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is divided three main parts: the project bin, the preview screen and the timeline. Project bin is generally an area located on left hand side of screen where imported files such as audios, videos and images can be found. The preview window shows you a sneak peek of the video before exporting it.

pinnacle studio ultimate review multi layer editor

And finally, the timeline is a place where you can insert different layers, also known as tracks. If you have already used software such as Photoshop, you might be already aware what layers are. By default, Pinnacle gives you 4 audio/video tracks in the timeline. You can add or remove them later.

Visual Effects

Pinnacle Studio provides 104 vfx and transition items which can be applied at the beginning or ending of the footage. The effects are 2d, 3d and artistic. You can buy more from the shop. The audio effects can be added in background during narration or conversation between two people to get audience attention.

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It also provides camera effects such as blur, glow, earthquake, lens flare, lighting, etc. with different sub-categories that affect the look of videos while watching them. In addition to that, the software hands you other effects such as color, keyers, film camera, film color, film damage, film express, film pro, stabilizer, chroma key, color EG, swap and so many more to optimize videos.

Audio Mixing

Song artists and musicians would love this software because it allows them to mix or combine sound to make a song or remix. Also, those who are trying to learn music can be benefited from it because it allows grabbing Karaoke (instrumental) audio from an original song. The audio ducking balances background sound to remove noise at extreme level.

Multi-Cam Editor

multi cam editor pinnacle studio ultimate review
The multi camera editor lets you combine more than one clip into a single frame by changing their angle and transition effects. You can add up-to 6 video clips and 2 audio files in a single frame. It also supports PIP (Picture In Picture) camera that shows another clip of small square box sized displayed on any four corners of the screen while a main clip runs in the background simultaneously.

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Free Ad-on

With Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, you will get software such as iZotope music & speech cleaner and Nemocheck as add-on. In addition to that, Live Screen Recording is also supported. So, if you are a tech youtuber or gamer, you will surely enjoy this feature. This additional paid software comes for free and won’t cost you extra money.

Cons of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

The disadvantages of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate are:

  • The software size is big and not every computer can handle such huge programs.
  • It is very expensive to buy. Not every students can afford it except for rich kids only.
  • There is no option to add multiple videos in PIP camera inside the multi-cam editor.
  • Freezes too often if the project reaches large file size.
  • Sometimes, a preview is not shown due to corrupted project bin files.

System Requirements for Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate works on windows 7, 8.x and win10 or any higher version. It is available for both 32 and 64 bit computers. A minimum 2GB RAM is required for 32 bit computers and 4GB RAM for 64 bit computers. If you want to make ultra HD videos or do heavy multi-cam editing, the company itself recommends to use a computer with 8+GB RAM. The graphics required are Intel Core Duo 1.8GHz, core 13 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 2.0 GHz or higher. It consumes almost 12GB of hard disk space on your computer at the time of installation.

Final Words:
Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is considered as the most powerful among many video editing software in market such as Adobe Premier Pro, Windows Movie Maker, Wondershare filmora, Final Cut Pro, etc. because it brings the Hollywood style feeling in videos. The latest version of Pinnacle Studio can be ordered online or by visiting a nearby store.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this information about Pinnacle Studio Ultimate review, one of my all time favorite video editing software currently installed on my PC. Also, if you love watching cartoon films & want to make 3D animation of your own, read my article about blender software review.

To clear any doubts or ask questions about Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, use the comment box below. I’ll try to help you because I’m a native user of the software. Thanks for visiting.

Max is a digital marketer and full time blogger who left his regular job to earn online. He is a gold medalist in boxing at national level from Nepal & loves to watch & analyze combat sports. He also has various skills in video editing & 3D animation using software like Houdini, Blender & Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Max Dai has 5 years of experience in blogging & he is also a part time YouTuber.

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