How To Plan A YouTube Channel From Beginning in 2018

How To Plan A YouTube Channel From Beginning in 2018

Are you struggling to grow your YouTube views and subscribers? The truth is, YouTube growth begins with a strategy way before creating an account on YouTube. In this article, I will explain how to plan a YouTube channel before starting to upload videos.

Hello there and welcome to my first tutorial on growing a YouTube channel. I am so glad that you’ve joined me to understand how YouTube works. So let’s jump right into learning about growing a YouTube Channel.

What is YouTube?

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Before learning how to plan a YouTube channel, we are going to discuss what YouTube is. Everyone knows that it is a free video platform that lets us upload and watch videos. In a nutshell, YT brings the world together. As a creator, you need to understand that it is second largest search engine and a good business.

Started as a solo company, YouTube was later purchased by Google to make more money. YouTube is a big venture whose ultimate goal is to make millions of dollars online. People don’t buy anything from YouTube. It makes money by showing expensive advertisements that appear before playing a video. They also have red subscription for advanced developed YT Channels. And they’re making huge earnings from this approach.

If you want to read brief history about YouTube, you may check their Wikipedia page. In this article, we are going to focus only on YouTube advertisements. There are two types of marketers for YouTube. First is an advertiser, one who pays YT for promoting them via ads. Second is a creator or publisher, one who displays ads on their channel or video and makes money through it.

YouTube is already an established platform for advertisers. But it has to prove that it is getting consistent and recurring traffic to please customers. Traffic means the visitors and real views. Those videos should prove profitable for the advertisers. So YouTube needs more views to give real benefits to those advertisers. And trust me, it is easy to get 0 to 10,000 views per day for a new channel and increase up to 100k views/day for an old channel. This increases advertisement cost making more money for YT. YouTube pays a few percent of it to creators if followed their guidelines which is very important for us.

We are the creators and our job is to produce recurring traffic so that YouTube will reward us. Creators are the ultimate reasons why YT is making money. So their algorithm takes care of the rest and makes publishers happy. The more views we produce, the more YouTube rewards us with money. Thus, we should take YouTube as a business and learn from its good sides. So I’m writing this article, to help you figure out how to bring more traffic from scratch.

How to plan a YouTube channel?

The planning of YouTube channel from scratch starts with niche building. Niche is a specific topic, industry or any area that your channel will cover. I have already discussed about profitable adsense niche for websites in my old post. But this is for getting niche ideas about a video channel.

Every successful YouTube channel has a certain niche. For example, some channel focus on fun musical things only like playing a guitar or rap battle. Though freestyle rap battle may contain a lot of F-bombs but that’s what people love to watch. I don’t recommend such nasty language in videos but it is an example of niche. There are other niches like making different types of pizza (food). People who love pizza will come to that channel of specific niche and watch videos there. So niche should be our main focus while starting a new YouTube channel.

Generally, if a YouTube channel contains videos about broad topics, viewers won’t subscribe. To subscribe, people want to know what is coming next in the channel. People want to get more about a particular topic only. So a creator should avoid building a channel that covers wide range of different topics for long run. There are following three main categories of YouTube niche:

  • Entertainment
  • Personality
  • Skills

The Entertainment Niche

Entertainment is the most popular industries in YouTube and attracts majority of viewers. It includes comedy, prank, making sketches or animations, gaming, politics, and so on. Skits also fall under the same category which is a preview of video games in real life. It is also about making fun of mistakes found in video games. Any sort of video that makes people entertained is entertainment niche. Such videos are great relief to remove boredom and get stress off mind.

The Personality Niche

The personality niche covers the lifestyle and vlogs of people. Not everyone can afford a luxurious life or find a good life partner. So they watch personality videos hoping to achieve a similar life. The purpose may be different but people like such stuffs. Vlogging is completely new and a growing trend in most of the countries. Video blogs are getting popularity in YouTube and other social media.

But personality is not only limited to Vlogging and it is not like entertainment niche. You can do anything in such channels, must contain your real face and voice. It is for viewers who want to change themselves. Channels based on entertainment niche limit content to comedy, prank or gaming only. People don’t come to watch your face in such industry. But in personality niche, the main focus is the owner of channel itself, which is you. Travel videos are good example of personality niche.

Skills Niche

In skills, the sub-niches are tutorials and demonstrations about how to create something. It also includes showing inspiring things that people can do themselves. It may also include making crafts and different objects. Blender Guru is a huge example of channel on skills niche. The sole purpose of that channel is to provide tutorial on Blender 3D (software). It uploads videos related to creating realistic materials, 3d modeling, character rigging, etc.

Now we have understood the basic 3 types of niche for YouTube channel. It is important to know the types of content that we publish. There are two types of videos that you produce. One is an evergreen and the other is recurring. Videos that are useful and get value for a long time are evergreen videos. They still remain fresh after 1 year or a decade to get more views. Content that gets stale after a short period of time like after a week or month is recurring video. Such channel should keep updating and uploading videos in a short duration. Skits and news channels are examples of recurring content. Tutorials are great examples of evergreen videos.


Before leaving, I want to share some cool YouTubing tips with you as a bonus. The bonus tips for Youtubers are as follows:

  • Always look at the lens while capturing videos to show confidence.
  • Make titles straight and catchy adding emotional words, brackets and numbers.
  • Be consistent and upload videos every week.
  • Make strong channel intros.
  • Make the lights, videos and audios distraction free. Do not include any pollution or noise.

Final Words

This is the end of my first tutorial on growing a YouTube channel. I hope that you get idea about how to plan a YouTube channel from scratch. But, this is a sneak peak of what’s next and it is not over yet. There’s a lot to come in future about making money with YouTube which I will share on my blog. So, go ahead and subscribe to my monthly email newsletter at the bottom left corner of this page. Plus, if you have any confusions or doubts about this lesson, you may ask them in comments below. Be sure to use your real name and thank you for visiting Advanced Blog.

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