Discover the fresh list of best profitable AdSense niches that are untouched and highest paying. These micro topics are well researched and suitable for your next blog.

These ideas will generate a buzz in your mind and helps to select the right industry for your site. They have pretty good CPC to increase your earnings as well.

Also, if you are struggling to approve AdSense, picking any of these topics will make it easier for you to get approved.

Alright, Let’s begin our ultimate list.

Top 10 Best Profitable AdSense Niches in the year 2018

Stress Management

Billion blogs are already sharing news about motivation and personal development but only few are working under the stress management niche. It is totally unique and its demand is growing every year. Adults worldwide are facing high level of stress and suffering from panic disorder these days. So they look for a possible solution online. From an entrepreneur to a school teacher, stress may occur in anyone resulting in mental depression. So if you could find different methods to control stress and publish them in your blog, you may skyrocket AdSense revenue.

Vegetarian Diet

It is estimated that there are 375 million total vegetarians worldwide, covering 31% of entire Indian population and 10% of Europe and the numbers are increasing every year. Vegetarian diet, plans, recipes, foods, etc. are some of the most searched keywords on Google, YouTube and other search engines that may help you discover a sub-niche on this industry as well. Forget meat and start making vegan friends right now because you can earn huge amount of money through this niche.

The most profitable sub-niche on this topic is the Paleo Diet. It is has become popular fashion in American nations and also receives great search volumes. For your sake, Paleolithic or Caveman’s diet is the modern version of food consumed by people in ancient period. It does not contains processed food, sugar, potatoes, salt, refined oils, dairy products, etc. but contains nuts, eggs, seafood, olive oil, herbal tea, fish, etc. You can find different influential people through social media channels to take advice on this niche and then you can proceed to create your blog.


An article by Forbes states that the number of golf participants, including both players and viewers, have increased by 32 million last year and is expected to reach a new level in 2018. According to Statista, there are 25.95 million golfers in the United States and it is becoming popular in other parts of the world such as India, Japan and Europe. Keywords such as Golf online, accessories, equipments, channel, tricks, courses, etc. are most popular. You can write about these sub topics and get great number of visitors for your site.


It is a condition in ear caused due to injury, disorder or aging in which the person hears noises in head which may be continuous or intermittent, produced itself but not because of the surrounding environment. You can explore this topic and find huge audience for your adsense blog because there are altogether millions suffering from tinnitus worldwide. It has no scientific cure and researchers are still finding its solution. So it has high demand and receives good cpc. Keywords such as ringing in ears, tinnitus treatment, cure, causes, symptoms, etc. are widely searched online.

Home Coffee Roasting

It is the method in which we should roast raw coffee beans ourselves to prepare coffee at home. A research by Statistia unveiled that 44% of USA population consumes coffee every day and billion dollars are spent every year to import coffee in America. The demand of coffee is increasing by 1.5% annually. Last year, it reached to 62 percent of total Americans who drank coffee in 2017, as reported by NCDT. You can blog about different home coffee roasters device and their reviews, roasting coffee methods at home in the oven, its equipments, tips, and so much more topics by doing keyword research on this profitable niche for adsense.

The Detox Diet

Ever heard of it before? If no then I’ll tell you what detox diet means. It is special type of food treatment to remove all kinds of harmful toxins from the body. It is extremely popular and widely searched term with 40.5k monthly searches. The expectations for the keyword “detoxification” are high in 2018. You can write about detox diet for weight loss, recipes, drinks, etc. and explore different other topics in this industry.

Learn Guitar

This is one of the most popular niches worldwide and you cannot make mistake by ignoring it. There are plenty of topics for it and you can easily get viewers through YouTube channels. You can write tutorials about playing a guitar, guitar lessons for beginners, for kids, chords, scales, songs, software, scales and many more. It is big and profitable.

Testosterone (Hormone)

This is quite popular among athletes. Testosterone is a male hormone that helps in increasing fertility power, building muscle mass, and red blood corpuscles production. It is also a type of medicine in high demand. While buying and selling of drugs is not permitted to adsense users, you can still write about natural ways of increasing this hormone in human body. It also has high cpc. You can make articles about boosting testosterone levels quickly or after the age of 50 for aged people. Explore diets for its production and prepare posts on that.

Acne and Scar Treatment

Acne and scar are common skin diseases that occur mostly in teenage. Small red spots appear in the face that damages our looks. You won’t believe that there are at least 15 millions affected by acne and scars alone in the US and number increase if we count other countries. A latest study shows that adolescents from age 12-17 years mostly suffer from this disease. So most of them try to find a solution online and you can turn it into money by writing articles about their natural and homemade remedies that work, methods of scar treatment and removal, etc. by doing a research on it. Not only adsense but it has high scope on affiliate marketing as well.

Quit Smoking

Almost 70% citizens smoke, directly or indirectly and almost halves of the people in our society need help to get free of nicotine and quit smoking. So why don’t we turn it into a business online? You can take advantage of that and teach people how to quit smoking through your blog by providing fresh ideas every time you publish. You can share ideas about Anti Nicotine Therapies, cold turkey method and quit smoking timelines. You can discover or invent your own ways of leaving smoking by mediation.

Final Words:
These are the most unique and profitable adsense niches in 2018 that are yet untouched and high paying. You can select any of these topics and start making money with your blog right now. They also have good search volumes in Google and are easy to rank due to low competition. You can also create a vlogging channel on YouTube and start earning from these industries.

Now, it is your turn. What are your next plans? Which niche are you selecting for your blog? Let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

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