Learn these actionable methods to promote blog for free that brings new audience and increases traffic. These working techniques publicize a blog without paying for advertisements and saves huge amount of money.

These techniques are applicable for every platforms such as Blogspot, WordPress, Joomla, etc.

I will not mention techniques such as write more blog posts here because they simply do not work anymore. The updated Google search algorithm does not counts post frequency but rather checks for quality in your few contents.

These are solo practicable approaches that advertise your blog for free.

If you don’t have a blog, then you might want to read my article about how to make a free blog using blogspot.

How To Promote Blog For Free

Use Social Media Strategy

Everyone knows that content promotion on social media is essential. But just creating an account and randomly publishing links will not work. You have to adopt some strategies that makes users to open those links.

First, find the time when most followers are active and share your content at that moment. To know when, you can use Tweriod which is made for twitter users. Also, use Facebook insights to find related data. Similarly, Google Plus and Instagram also have their own system to see audience insights.

Buffer app makes sure that you’re posting on the right time. It comes with both free and premium services. You can connect buffer with social media accounts and schedule your posts. Similarly, facebook have their own built-in feature to schedule posts through a fb page.

Second, use automatic reply services when someone follows you on Twitter. You can use auto-responders when someone messages you through a facebook page.

One more thing, when you share on social sites, writing “This article is awesome” and publishing won’t work. You have to pick two or three lines from the actual article and insert them on captions to catch followers attention. But be sure to make slight modifications to those lines to avoid copyscape problems.

Connect with people

You can find contributors and influencers in your industry on facebook, twitter, instagram and social media platforms. Mention great works done by them in your article and inform your followers. Be sure to tag those influencers on the post and also use hashtags.

Just avoid publishing spam links. So what are spam links?

Links that are randomly posted online and appear too often that disturbs user experience by creating irritating messages are called spam links. They can also be false news or misleading information sites.

Social media companies hate when someone leaves their site and enters a new web page through them. So they simply block links that are published too often or look like spam.

Publishing two or three link per day on social media channels from one account won’t make it spam.

Make viral posts to build social media followers

Create a picture that contains text like “Tag your friend who is game developer” or “Mention that friend who loves to play Android games” or “Tag a friend who is Hacker” or something like that and add your advertisement in that post. The more people tag or mention in your post, you will get more reach and so on.

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Use share buttons

You should add social media buttons below the content or headline so that readers can easily share it.

Not only adding buttons work, you have to add share triggers as well. They are call to actions (CTA) methods that compell users to share your blog.

Also, creating content that visitor want to share also works, almost in every cases.

By default, your theme may contain share buttons that appear at the end of article or you should pick a theme with ready made share buttons. You can always place them manually. I strongly recommend WordPress users to install Mash Share plugin, which is best for business.

Show up on Google Search

Next thing is Search Engine Optimisation. For example,once you write blog about the app you just developed, you can optimize it for search engines so that it appears on first page of google for a particular keyword like “Best android game of 2018” and guess what? That is free promotion of your app aka brand.

Submit URL to Blog Directories

Blog directories positively impact search engine rankings increasing PR on Google. It also give you free backlinks. It is recommended that you should submit URL to such directories that do not requires a reciprocal link in return for their services. Reciprocal link is the URL of that directory published in your site after submitting blog.

Some free quality blog directories that do not require any reciprocal links are Blogarama, BlogFlux, Blogio and more.

Email Marketing

You can build audience by collecting emails from visitors coming into your site, which is both free and paid method. MailChimp is one of those free software that you can use to build email list without paying for it.

Whenever there are new ideas or plans for your blog, or just published new article, you can use email marketing products to inform loyal followers about it. You can also setup automatic email replies for new subscribers including links to blog, and adding social media share buttons while contacting your followers.

Grab visitors from YouTube

Another great idea to promote blog is to increase visitors using YouTube. Publish a cool video about your blog and show what you do, it’s free.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in terms of usage. It also uses SEO algorim like Google to give you free traffic.

Upload teaser about your product and tell YT viewers to open website for more information. You can add links in video description and in messages that appear while playing a video.

The most popular videos are how to videos and you can drive huge amount of traffic if you take its advantage by creating a similar page on your blog. Similarly, you can also embed such videos in posts for more exposure.

Promote through mp3 files

Next thing is, the music files. If you play and share music with your friend then you can promote your blog through it.

Just create a banner with cool poster of your blog using any free image editor tool like Photo Shop, Paint, PicsArt, etc. Use big bold text formatting to insert site URL.

To upload banners into music files, use window media players view file description option and manually insert by drag and dropping photos into the thumbnail area.

Similarly you can also edit music files description and tell the song listeners about your blog. Right click on any mp3 file and select ‘Properties’. Then switch to ‘Details’ tab where you can make changes or add more information about your blog.

The tricky part about this technique is to be creative and insert catchy banners and details. The task will be easier if your blog address is short and easy to remember.

Take help from friend

Plus, you can ask your friends to promote it for you. Plus don’t forget to use hash tags while sharing your links on social media because that will give you a huge reach. Shortening ugly URL into short using goo.gl will help you to make it short and sweet.

Isn’t it that easy to promote blog for free? Tell me what you think. Just write it down on comments below.

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