23 Terms Related To Programming In Python

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If you are programmer or a startup learner, a better way to enhance your knowledge is to learn these 23 terms related to python programming. You can consider this as a refresher if you already know.

1. Program: It is a sequence of organised operations that causes the computer to perform a task.

2. Software: It is any data or instruction stored in mediums like USB, Drives, CD, DVD, etc. that enable the user to perform various tasks on computer.

3. Software Engineer: A person who develops software professionally by applying the principles of software engineering.

4. Binary Number System: In mathematics, it is a type of number system that contains only 0s and 1s. For example, in binary number 10110001 there is no other numbers like 2,3,4,,5,6,7,8,9 used.

5. Binary Digit: It is the smallest unit of measurement of computer memory (storage). It is also known as Bit. A bit represents only two values i.e. 0 and 1. The binary number 10110001 has 8 bits.

6. Machine Language: It is a programming language that compromises binary digits to operate a data. It the only language that a computer can understand and interpret.

7. Compiler: It is a software that converts high level programming language into machine language code for a particular platform to create an executable program. It does not needs to be recompiled every time it executes.

8. Decompiler: It is a type of compiler that converts machine language code into high level programming language.

9. Variable: It is a symbol or word that stores a value or information. For example, in “total = a b” , the words ‘total’, ‘a’ and ‘b’ are variables.

10. Operator: It is a character or symbol that instructs the processor to perform a given operation. For example, the operator ‘ ‘ performs addition related tasks.

11. Interpreter: It is a program that directly converts high level source codes into machine code without compiling. It must be interpreted (translated) every time it executes.


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12. Source Code: It is a higher level language code that contains a set of instructions and statements created using human readable programming language.

13. Target Code: It is an interpreted version of source code produced by compiler.

14. Editor: A software designed to enter source code and save it.

15. Syntax: The combination or arrangement of symbols, spelling and grammar to make a well formed language.

16. Debuggers: A software that allows programmers to locate bugs and errors so that the program can be repaired.

17. Profilers: A program designed to analyse another newly created program to check its complexity and performance. It is used for testing purpose.

18. Coverage: It is a term used during software testing that ensures all the cods are running well in a program. It is used to improve and make program run faster. Coverage is measured in percentage that ranges from 0-100% which is based on effective working of program.

19. Integrated Development Environment (IDE): It is a software that provides tools like editors, debuggers and others to develop and test new programs. Some examples of IDE are MS Visual Studio 2010, Eclipse IDE and xCode.

20. Statement: An instruction given to computer that the interpreter executes. In the following example of simple python program, “print” is a statement:

print (“Max Dai”)

21. Blocks: An structure of statement or source code grouped together.

22. Integer: The numeric value of a statement is called integer.

23. String: A sequence of alphabetical characters is called string.

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