5 Steps To Register .com.np Domain in Nepal (Lifetime Free)

5 Steps To Register .com.np Domain in Nepal (Lifetime Free)

In this article, you’ll learn how to register .com.np domain free for lifetime. Are you a new blogger and looking to create a free website? Students cannot afford premium domain and hosting because of their limited pocket money. So, I have got an awesome information for you today. It is a free national TLD of Nepal provided by mercantile communication.

Benefits of custom domain

There are a lot of benefits for using a custom domain. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Blog URL becomes short and easy to remember
  2. Website looks more authoritative and serious
  3. Helps to build a brand online
  4. Improves SEO

Requirements :

The following are requirements to register free .com.np domain:

  • An email account.
  • Must be 18+ years old.
  • Must be a Nepali citizen.
  • Virtual scanned copy of either Nepali citizenship certificate, driving license or passport. Both front side and back side needed.
  • A computer

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Guidelines while selecting right .np domain name :

.NP is the national domain extension of Nepal. You are not allowed to use any word or letters of your choice in the domain name. Some guidelines must be followed while picking a legal .np domain which I have listed below:

  1. An individual can only use his official name as a domain name for his/her personal use.
  2. Try to shorten your first name if it is too long. For example, “Mayaprakash Pant” can be shortened to “mayaprakash.com.np”. It can be further reduced to “mprakash.com.np”. But the spelling remains same and no external characters are allowed.

You can read more about these guidelines here.

How to Register .com.np Domain in Nepal

To register a free .com.np domain for lifetime, visit the website register.mos.com.np using a desktop browser. After that, perform following steps.

Choose proper domain extension

Don’t get confused between domain name and extension. Let’s take an example of our website ‘advancedblog.com’. Here, ‘advancedblog’ is a domain name and ‘.com’ is a domain extension. After visiting the official website, click on domain extension and change from ‘.academy.np’ to ‘.com.np’. It is found next to “Desired Domain Name” box.

Check domain availability

It is important to check if someone has already registered a domain under your desired name. A same domain name cannot have two owners. Thus, enter a desired domain name in respective box. If it is available, a message will appear in blue highlighted box that says “Domain Available”. Click and hold it to drag inside “Add Domain to Basket Block”.

There are two things that you can do if “Domain Not Available” message appears. It indicates that the domain which you are trying to register is already taken by another person. First, you have to use an alternative like using short form or modified version of domain name. If you are not satisfied, then you can check whois information of that domain. It will show contact and few other details about domain owner. Then you can talk and negotiate with him/her to get that domain, only if they agree.

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Provide correct personal information

The next step is to fill your correct personal information. Fill up the form in the following manner.

  1. Username: Enter a short and easy to remember username for your account. This username will be used to login next time.
  2. User Email: Enter your working email address in this box. The registrar may contact you in future using this email address.
  3. Confirm Email: Input the same email address again on this box.
  4. Click on ‘Register‘ button after filling those details..

Confirm Email & Provide More Information

Check inbox of that email address which you provided earlier. You will find a new email from “Hostmaster – NPccTLD Reg.” with subject “New Domain Registration Request “. Open that email and click on the “confirmation link” attached inside it.

After confirming email, another form will appear. Fill up the details as described below and then click on ‘submit’.

  1. First Name: Enter your official first name.
  2. Last Name: Enter your surname or cast
  3. Password: Input strong password for your account.
  4. Confirm password: Repeat the same password again

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Then you will be redirected to a login page. Enter your login credentials as provided in previous step to sign in. Once logged in, you will have to fill up one more form to provide domain information. This information will be displayed on global whois details. So be careful while performing this step.

  1. Admin Name: Input your full name that is listed in citizenship certificate.
  2. Admin Address: Enter permanent address as provided on your citizenship certificate.
  3. Admin Phone: Enter your office or home phone number (maybe landline or wireless).
  4. Admin Mobile No.: Enter your personal mobile number on this field.
  5. Click on “submit”

Upload Documents & Provide Nameservers Detail

Now you have to upload a copy of scanned citizenship certificate to verify that you are real owner. Follow these steps to upload:

Note: Before uploading, you should rename image files as example.com.np-citizenship. If you are uploading license documents, then rename them as example.com.np-license. Replace ‘example’ in the file name with your desired domain name.
  1. Click on “select files”
  2. Choose the images which you want to upload.
  3. Finally, click on ‘upload.’ Wait until the images get uploaded.

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Nameserver details are provided by your web hosting company. There are different nameservers for different companies. So we cannot provide those details right now. You can contact hosting provider or check their website to find NS information. Don’t worry, you can always change or update them later in the future.

Final Words:

In this way, we can register a free .com.np domain for lifetime. But it takes some time to get approved and activated. The registrar company checks your personal information before processing the request. If you provide correct information, it takes less than 48 hours to activate domain. They will notify you via email when it is complete. Then you can proceed ahead and start building your own website with free using .np domain.

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