SEO Tools To Rank Blog On Top In 2017 (Tested)

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I have manually tested these seo tools and found that they help to rank blog on top of any search engine super fast in 2017.

These tools are easy to use and they improve rankings without causing any harm to your site. They are safe to use as I have personally tested these tools and use myself.
This 2017 update is modified from the original 2016 version and I have added more manually tested seo tools on this list.

SEO Tools To Rank On Top Of Search Engine

The list of manually tested search engine optimisation tools that rank your blog higher and super fast in 2017 are as follows:

1. Google Page Speed Insights

It is developed by Google to check your site loading speed and report possible errors and show you how to fix them.

2. Wikigrabber

Wikipedia has the highest number of backlinks in online industry today. Backlinks work as the assets that increase google ranking of a blog.

Here’s how you can use WikiGrabber to increase your Google rankings:

    1. Visit and sign up to create a new wikipedia account.
    2. Start contributing to Wikipedia by editing few articles on Wikipedia (it is always free and anyone can correct mistakes)
    3. Now, go to
    4. Enter any topic or keyword of your choice on Search box and click “search“.
    5. WikiGrabber will show a list of Wikipedia articles that require citation or contain dead links.

    1. Dead links are such type of external links which no longer exist or have been expired.


        1. Click on the name of article which contains the dead link.

        2. Press “CTRL  F” on your keyboard and search for “Dead Link

        3. You will be taken at the bottom of the Wikipedia page where the dead link details are stored, simply references.

        4. Note the title of dead link.

        5. Now create a new valuable post on your blog with same title that contains many informative resources and publish it.

        6. Copy the URL of your post and head over Wikipedia.

        7. Replace the dead link with your post link and save the edit.

This is slow but effective method to create trust from Google as authority site and you will be soon increasing your rankings on Google. But remember not to post too many external links on wikipedia on the same day as Wikipedia will detect you as scam and you might get restricted from editing wikipedia. There is always a right way and a wrong way to do it. Do it the right way and edit Links on an interval of one week. Also, do not just edit the links but edit some contents as well on Wikipedia depending upon their terms & conditions.


    1. Ads:

3: Google Webmasters Tools

    1. This is another free tool to verify your ownership of a blog.


      1.  Go to
      2. Now click on “Add a property

      3. Enter the URL of your blog and click “continue”

      4. Choose a verification method.

        I will choose for “HTML Tag”

      5. Now copy the HTML tag provided by google and paste it just below <body> tag on your blog template. Do not forget to save your template. You can remove this tag after verification.
      6. Click “Verify” on your Google search console and done.

4: SEO Report Card


    1.  This is a good tool to analyse your website. You can find rank analysis and link building report along with ranking comparison to your rival domain.


        1. Go to

  • Enter your sign up details.

  • Input your niche topic on “Main Keyword” and your blog URL on”Website“.

  • You can also input your competitors domain (optional)

  • Click on “Create my report

  • Now click on “Help My Site Get Ranked

  • Sign Up and enjoy the free SEO service for 7 days.


Now you will be provided with detailed reports of your niche and google ranking.


5. Link Miner


    1. This is another free SEO tool. Just mentioned on SEO tool #1 that broken links can be useful and harmful as well to a blog. This tool checks broken and dead links to your blog in order to repair them It also provides free chrome extension that points how many broken inbound links that your website is pointing to.  Below is an screenshot.


Just visit this link:

6. Muck Rack


    1. This is another free SEO tool for SEO. This tool quickly finds a list of top journalists that covers any  niche or business.It includes the latest tweets, columns and up-to-date information from the top journalists and influences that will help you rank #1 on Google . You can use this tool to promote your blog for free and also get mentioned in top websites such as Forbes, The New York Times, etc.that have high Google rankings. Visit this website:

    1.  and sign up.


    These were the basic 5 SEO tools that are free and 100% effective. You can use these tools to increase your rankings on Google. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.
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