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Find latest version of SimCity BuildIt android apk to build an empire and lead the town like a mayor. These download links found in our website are fresh, original and 100% safe.

Android users around the world sometimes face the problem of apps not being able to download from official play store. There are different reasons why you are not being to download from play store such as unstable network or misconfiguration in device.

So this page is an alternative source to download SimCity BuildIt Android APK for free. Plus, I have also shared my personal gaming experience with apk details in this article. Also, if you are looking to improve privacy, I recommend you to read Best Photo vault Apps to hide hot pictures.

What do you do in SimCity BuildIt?

First of all, insert your age in order to enhance gaming experience. You can build parks and see hot air balloons fly over the city. Eva, a character from game, is our advisor from start. The 3D graphics are well modeled and material looks real.

The city must be connected to main highway. It is easy to land objects and draw roads by swiping across screen with finger. When you are connected to highway, the sims can enter town. But the main question is who are sims? They are the people living in city, so called population.

Housing helps to grow city sims by building living shelters. Drag and drop helps to place objects in the map. Crafting building materials such as Supplies Stores that should be placed next to road are necessary to run a city. It is similar to Clash of Clans, as I have experienced but the concept is completely unique.

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Nails are used to build more house structures. They are similar to points or rewards in other games. You can tap on valley yard caps to use such nails. Building new houses helps you earn sim oleans that gives you level up. In the nights, we require power light source to remove darkness. Power plants can be built to shine brightness at night.

We can also build factories to get more metal and grow the city. There are five types of factories available and they are small, basic, mass production, high tech and nano tech. Small factory is provided by default and you have to unlock other factories. The production and working time is also super fast.

We can upgrade Sim’s house to make it bigger and better using the metal produced by factories. Plus, you will need to provide other services as a mayor such as water, sewage control, waste management, fire, police protection, health posts, government, control net and drones. Specialization includes parks, landscape, education, transportation, beach, entertainment, mountain, landmarks and worship temples.

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SimCity contains 3 water supply plans: basic water tower, water pumping station and omega water tower. These are the things that you’ll have to compulsorily setup in the beginning of game. You cannot place new buildings in red areas that contain a previously built structure.

Some mayors from other cities also invite you to visit them that you can do by tapping on the social icon at upper left side of screen. I travelled to Daniel’s city for the first time in the game. They have new items for sale every day. Tap on home button to go back to your city.

When everything is properly setup, you’ll need to provide a name for the city. It will be visible to other players globally playing online. I have named it ‘Max Dai’s Empire’. Also, you can buy missing items using cash.

After naming the city, you will require government office. Town hall is unlocked by default whose price is 100 coins. There are 9 other government buildings available to unlock. You can look at city journal when construction is complete. It shows tasks to complete for receiving surprise rewards. If you press on ‘I’ button, it shows details about different methods to complete a task.

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Simcity buildit is the top #7 ranked grossing simulation app on Google play store. The game works online and fully offline as well. Your progress will be saved to server if you turn on internet connection. As you level up, new items including factories and woods will keep unlocking.

To keep citizens happy, provide them every facility, expand roads, create settlement zone and move factories far war from residence. There is no fear of any outside interference from goblins that steal money but thieves may exist within the territory. So, police protection is necessary.

Parks include small fountain, modern art, plumbob, university park quad,etc.

SimCity BuildIt Android APK Details

  • App Name: Simcity BuildIt
  • APK Name:
  • Owner: Electronic Arts
  • Size: 96 MB
  • Version:
  • Last Updated On: Jun 13, 2018

Download SimCity BuildIt Android Apk New Latest Version

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