Sun TU50 Promo Details | The Fundamental Guide [2020]

Today, we will explain the sun tu50 promo, and VPN, which is a cost-effective & cheap communication service. This article will also tell you about the complete registration process, ehi, and payload for the virtual private network.

sun tu50 promo details 2020 - the fundamental guide

Sun Cellular came into the perception of mobile networks and overtook the telecommunications industry with unlimited text and call services in the Philippines. The major benefits of tu50 are 60 minutes of voice calls, unlimited SMS, and free Facebook. Initially, Sun charges a fee for a non-stop chatting facility, which is as low as ’50 pesos’ that is valid for ten days.

But customers and subscribers demanded to get more information about the service. That’s why we are writing this informational and fundamental guide to sun tu50.

Sun tu50 promo details

Valid For10 Days
PricePHP 50
SMSUnlimited in Sun Network
Voice CallFree 60 minute call in Sun only
FacebookFree 200 MB per day
Chat Services (Free)WhatsApp, Viber, FB Messenger, WeChat, & LINE

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Sun tu50 register process

You will need to follow these steps to register sun tu50.

  1. Maintain PHP 50 pesos mobile balance
  2. Go to SMS and create new.
  3. Type TU50 & send it to the number 247
  4. Wait for the activation reply & enjoy it.

In this way, you can activate the text unlimited service in sun cellular networks.

Sun tu50 VPN 2020

HTTP Injector provides free unlimited sun tu50 VPN using ehi files that can provide more than 2gb data and high-speed connection. Besides, you can also access blocked websites and unblock prohibited content using the world’s top free VPN.

You can check our guide on sun tu50 ehi file creation process to learn more about http injector. The minimum requirements for th50 VPN are Android 4.3+ version, a sim card from Sun official network, proper APN name and payload. Also, always monitor your data transfer amount because reports say that proxies get blocked if you transfer more than 2GB data through this. So be careful.


Sun tu50 Payload

Below is a list of payload for sun tu50. Be sure to remove spaces between them before using:

  • www . viber .com
  • webproxyfree .net
  • m. viber .com
  • freeyoutube .net
  • newsfeed .google .com
  • www. zacebookpk .com
  • hostapp .eu
  • websurfproxy .me
  • hidingyour .info
  • workhost .eu
  • apps .google .com

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What is sun tu50?

Sun Tu50 is a promotional offer from the Philippines's one of the top mobile telecommunications companies that provide unlimited text, call, and data service to its users at a cheap price.

How do you give tu50?

In order to activate tu50, you will have to send an SMS to '247' by writing tu50 from your Sun sim card. Remember, you must have at least 50 pesos mobile balance to register the service.

How do I check my sun balance?

To check sun balance, just dial the USSD code *221# and the system will automatically send you a message with balance information, running free promos, and their expiration date.

Can Sun call PLDT?

Yes, Sun subscribers can call PLDT and make unlimited communications between devices in the same zone free of charge.

Can I transfer load from Sun to Smart?

Yes, it is possible to transfer load from Sun to Smart using mobile's in-built sim toolkit application or manually texting. Write GIVE [load amount] [mobile number] in the SMS box and send it to 2292 to make the transfer.

Final Verdict

I hope that you like this fundamental guide about sun tu50 and were able to enjoy the promo offer. You can additionally apply VPN with payload to get a more secure connection while browsing the internet through free data. Moreover, if you want to get more promo and sim card information, and let us know if the above method worked or not, fill the comment box below for attention. [c u] 🙂

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