Countdown 2016: Top 10 Nepali Websites That are Popular

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Countdown 2016: Top 10 Nepali Websites That are Popular

top 10 websites in nepal

It is estimated that there are 1 billion (1,059,318,000) and counting number of websites in the world as of July 2016.

Among the total 3 billion internet users worldwide that have reached up to 40℅ of its total population in 2016, which was only 1% in 1995, Nepal shares 0.1% of its total users.

The total population of Nepal was 28,850,717 as of July 2016, according to an study, and 17.2℅ of it use the internet i.e. 4,962,323 population of Nepal goes online.

Today we are going to countdown those top famous “build in Nepal” websites that these 4 million people visit everyday.

Note: Websites that are created and developed in Nepal only are listed on this countdown.

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Countdown: Top 10 Nepali Websites

Logo of

A news portal from Nepal that provides nation and international news, latest ongoing features around the world, Sci-Tech, health, entertainment, sports and international news.

Santosh Bhattarai is editor in chief and Kshitij Lamichhane holds the position of multimedia coordinator for .

This domain was registered on 2009-11-19 (7 years ago from now) and the website is available in both English and Nepali languages.

Logo of

Co-Founded by Navin Chandra Kunwar and Managed by Bigul Media P. Ltd. is another news portal in Nepal.

This website ranks 27,700 globally and number 18 in Nepal as of July 2016 according to Alexa Traffic Ranks.

logo of medianp is a Nepali language news portal that provides latest news about politics, literature, films, music updates, health interviews, etc.

The founder and CEO of is Dipak Bimali whereas the COO (Chief Operating Officer) is Navin Kunwar. is ranked number 16 top website visited in Nepal and stays at number 8 in our countdown.

Logo of

This website is managed by Nepal News Network International P. Ltd. (3NI) and is based upon Nepali daily newspaper “Annapurna Post” with a variety of features.

It was published online in the year 2003 for the first time and is serving as one of the leading news portal in Nepal.

Since its publication, has already released their official app on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

This website ranks number 15 in Nepal and 6,651 globally (as of July 2016) according to Alexa Traffic Ranks.


Logo of

It is the first health news portal in Nepal and stays at number 6 in our countdown of Top 10 Nepali websites.

This website is related to health and it provides useful information about beauty tips, health tips, medicines, Ayurveda and many more.

It ranks 14 among top visited websites in Nepal and at a number 12,805 globally as of July 2016.

It receives 53.3% of its total visitors from Nepal, 9.4% from Qatar and 5% traffic comes from US.

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Let’s witness the top 5 most popular Nepali websites that are famous in 2016.

Logo of

As our countdown continues and it comes more closer, stays at number 5th position.

Started on April 18, 2009 is based upon Nepali newspapers “Nagarik Rastriya Dainik” and “Republica“.

As compared to the rankings observed on December 2015, moved from 10th position to 9th most visited website in Nepal (Alexa Traffic Ranks). It previously ranked at number 13,033 globally on December 2015 and it is improved to 7,984 as of July 2016.

It receives 51.3% of its visitors from Nepal (which is down by 24.2% since December) and 7.9% from United States (increased by 1.5%).

This website is managed by Nepal Republic Media P. Ltd. and the daily page views per visitor is 2.46.

Logo of is another famous news portal in Nepal covering sectors of Nepali Politics, society, arts, entertainment and sports.

It is ranked 13,784 globally and stays 10th most visited website in Nepal. It previously ranked on number 7 as of December 2015.

Top 3 websites in Nepal


Logo of

It is the 3rd most recommended Nepali website by the users. delivers latest news, updates on national and international issues covering sectors like politics, sports, business, entertainment and more.

According to rankings, it is ranked 10,174 globally and number 8 in Nepal (as of July 2016).
The percentage of its visitors based on countries is 55.4% from Nepal which has increased and is listed number 3 top website in our countdown.


Logo of

Mr. Om Sharma is editor in chief for which is ranked at number 2 among top famous Nepali websites.

It is online Nepali news portal for politics, opinions, sports, entertainment, corporate, etc. that is run by a team of experts and journalists.

This website is linked by 525 external sites however the statistics for total number of monthly visitors hasn’t been revealed anywhere yet.

And Now…
The top #1 Nepali website in 2016

Logo of

And Still…

Established by Mr. Dharma Raj Bhusal on November 1, 2006 A.D. , has remained the number 1 news portal and most visited Nepali website making landmark achievement in short span of time.

It is available in 140 different countries and 2 different languages in English and Nepali.

It provides regular updates on political, economical, social and entertainment related news. The website domain “” makes it easy for users to remember it and clearly represents the purpose of the site as the meaning of “khabar” means “news” in Nepali language, as most of the international users may feel curious about it.

You can also download the official Online Khabar App for your android from Google Play Store.

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