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On this article, you will learn an easy way to unlock ehi file of HTTP Injector step by step.

Unlocking ehi file will help you create your own file because you can check the older configuration. You can discover the squid proxy, payload and ssh settings of any locked file using this trick. It will assist you while creating your own ehi file.

If you want to open a locked ehi file, you will need a rooted android, Xposed installer and EhiOpener. See the steps below to get started right now.

New Latest Method to unlock ehi file for http injector

This is the latest method to unlock root blocked ehi files of HTTP injector version 4.3.1. But please be aware that this method requires root permissions. Rooting your device wipes away its warranty, plus sometimes your software may crash.

This is a warning because if anything goes wrong, we are not responsible for it. Chances are that your device may get damaged internally and you are willing to take the risk on your will. This article about unlocking ehi file is just for education purpose only.

Note: There are some pre-steps to be performed before opening locked ehi files. That includes leaving our website to download and install extra additional requirements. We are not responsible for any content hosted by such sites. You can either bookmark or save this page to read it later whenever you need it.

Now, I am assuming that you already know how to root a phone and grant SuperSu permission to apps. Plus, backup every important data such as apps, multimedias, contact, messages and other important files to an external location like a pc or memory card because this process may reset your device. With that in mind, let’s learn how to unlock root blocked ehi file of http injector.


  • TWRP custom recovery
  • Custom SDK (save it to external storage)

Below are the steps to unlock ehi file of http injector that are root blocked.

  1. First of all, install and open ‘Xposed Installer’. The link is already provided in the first tutorial above.
  2. It will show a warning. Check ‘don’t show this again’ and tap ok.
  3. Close the app and ‘power off’ phone.
  4. When your phone is switched off, long press power + home + volume down button simultaneously to reboot into recovery mode.
  5. The phone will vibrate when if successfully done and takes you to custom recovery screen. At the bottom, swipe screen towards right with your fingers to allow modifications.
  6. Then tap on install >> select storage >> external storage (only if you have custom SDK saved on memory card).
  7. Locate and tap on the custom sdk file.
  8. Then swipe towards right at the bottom again to confirm flash. This process takes few minutes to complete.
  9. When done, tap on “Reboot System”.
  10. After your phone is switched on, install http injector and ehi opener app latest version.
  11. The moment ehi opener is installed; a notification comes that says “Xposed Module is not activated yet”. Swipe your phone screen from top to down to check such notifications.
  12. Just open that notification and tick on ehi opener check box.
  13. Open Xposed Installer, tap on 3 dots at top right corner and select “reboot”.
  14. Confirm by clicking on “Reboot” once again.
  15. Grant it SuperSu root permissions when pop-up come and it should restart your phone.
  16. Once again, open ‘Xposed Installer’ after reboot is complete.
  17. Open menu by swiping right and go to ‘Modules’. It should show a tick mark check on ehi opener.
  18. Now open http injector and import a locked configuration ehi file.
  19. There you will see a new option called ‘Open Sesame’. Click on it and boom, ehi file will be unlocked.

Final Words:
That’s it, guys. You can now easily unlock any .ehi file on android and learn the details of it. Thanks for visiting. Please check other useful information in our website.

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