5 Reasons & Solution Why Bloggers Fail To Get Traffic

5 Reasons & Solution Why Bloggers Fail To Get Traffic

Are you disgusted with the slow trickle of traffic which flows to your blog on a daily basis?

Like tumbleweeds, these scant numbers blow through infrequently, making your blog a deserted, lonely ghost town.

Today I want to make you happier by sharing 5 reasons why you struggle to drive blog traffic.

Honestly admit if you are making these mistakes. Apply the necessary corrections to get your blog traffic flowing like Niagara Falls.

Why Bloggers Fail To Bring Traffic?

Jack of All Trade Syndrome

Have you ever met a lawyer who is a doctor, drug company CEO, professional football player and ballerina?

Of course not.

Then why do you think you can drive significant traffic to a blog by covering 5 or more topics? How can you know more about blogging than Darren Rowse AND know more about affiliate marketing than Zac Johnson? Impossible!

You will have a horrible time trying to drive traffic to a blog covering more than 1 niche because everyone seeks specialists, not generalists.

Stop confusing your readers. Specialize. Get really good blogging about 1 niche.

Cover 1 topic. Drive more traffic.

No Off Site Work

I am obsessed with offsite work. Because I can only drive so much traffic through Blogging From Paradise but skyrocket my traffic through guest posting and blog commenting.

Bloggers fail to drive traffic because they try to squeeze traffic out of their blog versus leveraging their presence through tens or hundreds or thousands of blogs in their niche.

Guest post. Comment on top blogs from your niche. Go offsite to leverage your presence.

Free Hosting

I have answered thousands of the same question through my email, social media, Quora and The Warrior Forum: “How can you drive blog traffic through a blogspot blog?”

I respond: “you can’t.”

Imagine if you opened a free lemonade stand in your parent’s front yard, with said lemons growing on your property. Totally free, no investment necessary. At best, you will drive a few people to the stand and earn pennies. Amateur hour.

Imagine paying money to own a storefront in a high traffic area in the center of town. You open a store that sells specialty fruit juices, from shakes to smoothies. You will drive serious traffic to the storefront and will make thousands of dollars or more each month.

Invest in premium hosting. Own your online real estate. Build a professional-looking blog. Drive more traffic. Don’t be the guy or gal with the free lemonade stand in front of their parent’s house with your blogspot blog.

Free Theme

Unless you are crazy talented or super duper clear on using a free theme you will struggle to drive blog traffic by going the freebie route.

In most cases, free themes look cheap at worst and average at best. Most readers will not stick around average looking blogs for long.

Invest in a premium or bespoke, custom-made theme. When my developer created a custom-made theme for my blog I felt even more like a professional blogger which helped me generate more blog traffic.

Readers will return to your blog and promote posts to like-minded readers if you create helpful content wrapped up in a snazzy-looking, professional theme.

No List Building

If you don’t build an email list you will likely have a tough time driving traffic.

Having an email list is like having traffic on demand. Email your list after publishing a blog post. Hundreds to thousands of readers will see your post in minutes to hours, creating a traffic surge.

Offer a sugary sweet giveaway that benefits your readers. Use a pop up and sidebar opt in form to grow your list. Drive a high volume of traffic to your blog.

Your Turn: What tips can you add to this list?

Article contributed by Ryan Biddulph.

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