How To Fix Wireshark no interfaces found windows 10 (Easiest Method)

How To Fix Wireshark no interfaces found windows 10 (Easiest Method)

In this report, I have revealed a working method to fix Wireshark no interfaces found windows 10 problem. If you are looking for best Wireshark solutions, then you are at the right place. Before moving ahead, we need to learn a few things about Wireshark.

To understand Wireshark, you need to first know the meaning of a network packet analyzer. They are measuring tools that support detailed viewing of data packets. Data packet is units that are being transferred through an Internet Protocol. Such units can be a set of information or files.

Wireshark is an open source computer software that helps to audit net connection. Introduced in 2006, it is a free network packet analyzer that runs on various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, MacOS, etc.

Wireshark provides various features like import, export, open, display and filter data packets. It has remained an industry standard for over years in the field of network packet analysis. Many professional companies use this tool to track and troubleshoot their network. You can also read other similar threads in our website like age of Empire 3 initialization failed windows 10 issue.

Troubleshooting Wireshark no interfaces found windows 10

Now you know idea about Wireshark and we are going to move into the main topic. Here we will learn how to solve Wireshark no interfaces found windows 10 problem. The first solution is that you have to run Wireshark as an administrator by right clicking on its icon and selecting “Run as Administrator”.

If you are still facing no interfaces found issues with Wireshark on windows 10, then the following steps might help you:

  1. Go to the taskbar in Windows 10 and search for “cmd”
  2. Right click on “command prompt” and select “Run as Administrator”
  3. Windows will ask for your administrator permissions. Click on ‘Yes’ to grant.
  4. In command prompt windows, type the following code and press enter:
    sc query npf
  5. The above code will display if specified service is working or not. If the command prompt shows that service does not exist, type the following code and press enter:
    sc stop npf
  6. Now input following command and press enter:
    sc start npf
  7. Now reload Wireshark and press the hotkey F5. It will start working again.

In this way, we can troubleshoot Wireshark no interfaces found windows 10 problem using the command prompt. You can also try updating winpcap or switch to ncap. Alternatively, you can use a third party software called Win10Pcap to make Wireshark compatible with windows 10.

Sometimes removing every file, rebooting the PC and reinstalling Wireshark also helps. Let me know if you are able to run Wireshark on Windows 10 using this method. Write your Wireshark experience on the comment box below.

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